Dying Light: The Following lets gamers unleash their 'inner rally driver'

With a huge new map, The Dying Light’s mega expansion The Following needed to make traveling the zombie-infested badlands easier, but super deadly and most of all, fun. Armed with a new dirt buggy, Kyle Crane is about to get his hands dirtier than ever before.

“Obviously, the new map is a playground for the buggy,“ Tymon Smektala, producer of Dying Light: The Following told Examiner in an exclusive interview. “There are open fields, where you can mow zombies down with a ton of satisfaction. We’ve got mountain roads, where you need to stay focused to maneuver between abandoned cars. There are places where the buggy serves better as a weapon than a vehicle. And finally, we’ve placed tricky corners and welcoming ramps here and there, so you can unleash your inner rally driver.”

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