BF Heroes will be "a phenomenon" - David Perry

Acclaim Inc founder and development veteran David Perry has told that he believes forthcoming Electronic Arts title Battlefield Heroes will be "a huge hit" and that he has "incredible faith that EA is going to pull this off."

Perry, talking in the build-up to his keynote talk at this year's GCDC event, is currently working on titles utilising the free-to-play model, including the massively-developed online racing game Project: Top Secret.

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monkey6023741d ago

I'm looking forward to trying BF: Heroes out. Looks like fun

Bolts3741d ago

You can't lose. Why cant we have more free console games? All the XBL games and ancient games like MK 2 sould be free.

fermcr3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

I am a big Battlefield fan and i might be wrong... but this games looks like crap.

I would prefer a payed Battlefield 3.

ar3741d ago

Don't expect BF3 to turn up free.

TheIneffableBob3741d ago

Have you played BF: Heroes?

It's fantastic.

fermcr3741d ago

@ar "Don't expect BF3 to turn up free"

Like i said ... "I would prefer a PAYED Battlefield 3" ... i would not mind paying for BF3 instead of having Heroes free.

@TheIneffableBob "Have you played BF: Heroes?
It's fantastic. "

No i Have not tried it... but i saw the gameplay videos and i still believe it looks and plays like crap. I might change my mind when actually playing the game... but it does not look good.

Karebear3741d ago

I mean, I don't ask much.