Remedy Staffing Up for New AAA Project

Remedy is currently hiring quite a few positions for a new AAA title.

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FlexLuger1531d ago

I think its about that time for the sequel to be announced. especially since quantum break is pretty much ready for launch this year. and xbox gamers have been requesting it for some time now.

TheCommentator1531d ago

Agreed. They had some really cool concepts in Alan Wake and it was a great first outing I loved pplaying through. Just like some other franchises start off a bit rough, like Assasin's Creed, the potential for A. Wake 2 is significant.

Khaotic1531d ago

You never know with remedy. They know there are alot of people that want alan wake 2 but they like making new ips. I dont care either way i trust them to bring a good experience.

Paytaa1531d ago

Very true. Sam Lake did blatantly confirm Alan Wake 2 though.

AngelicIceDiamond1531d ago

Alan Wake 2 but don't be surprised if its something totally new.

jb2271531d ago

Hoping for a multiplat release from them for the next game. Remedy owns the Alan Wake ip don't they? I know that MS owns Quantum Break but I haven't played a Remedy game since Max their work and would love to have a shot at their next game if they could keep their quality levels up for a multiplat I see no reason why they shouldn't test the waters out.

Either way I can't wait to hear word on QB...that game is the one that will push me to grab an XBO if it turns out as good as it is sounding...then hopefully Alan Wake will be BC compatible then and I can finally check that game out.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I would love for Remedy to try their hand at another Max Payne.

-Foxtrot1531d ago

Yeah...but if they do it has to be Max Payne 3 and ignore Rockstars

Good game but it wasn't Max Payne at all.

The majority of stuff which made the game Max Payne was gone in Max Payne 3.

Atmosphere, the setting, location, the designs (excluding flashbacks), the music, Mona and the like were gone.

Kyosuke_Sanada1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I wholeheartedly agree, the gameplay was impressive however the story was disappointing and they tried way too hard to make Max Payne edgy. My angriest moment was when how they wrote off Mona as just a "fling" after everything that happened. I really hope the series gets the ending it truly deserves someday.

Also Rute, I already know that Rockstar has the rights but it doesn't hurt to dream a little. :]

Paytaa1531d ago

Yeah Max Payne 3 didn't give the noir and atmospheric experience the first 2 did. Probably because Remedy just develops games differently than Rockstar.

Max Payne was one of my favorite games on the original Xbox.

-Foxtrot1531d ago


I know right.

It feels Rockstar were making a new IP set in Brazil and thought "Shit, we've got Max Payne 3....I KNOW lets just turn this new IP into Max Payne and add flashback parts so it feels more like the old game"

Youngindy211531d ago

Max Payne 3 was a good game. You guys are idiots. NOT EVERY GAME has to be exactly like it's predecessors. That's the problem with gamers. Stop complaining every time a developer decides to switch things up, esp. when the product turns out as good as Max Payne 3.

You guys are like, it's not dark like the other ones. WHO GIVES A SH_T. Is the game any good? That is the only thing that should matter. I don't know why you guys want the same games over and over anyway.

-Foxtrot1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

"Max Payne 3 was a good game"

No one is saying it wasn' was a shit Max Payne game

"NOT EVERY GAME has to be exactly like it's predecessors"

Urm...yeah it does when it comes to style, tone, themes, characters development etc

Max Payne 3 felt like a new game, not a sequel.

If you are fine with this happening to franchises then you are part of the problem of why developers don't risk more new IPs these days but change franchises into something they aren't.


Us..actual bloody fans who fell in love with a series because of what made the game so special.

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Rute1531d ago

I think that's not going to happen as Rockstar owns the rights to the Max payne franchise these days.

Kribwalker1531d ago

Been waiting years for Alan wake 2

AudioEppa1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Now you gotta wonder, is this new AAA already contracted under Microsoft, or, will Sony's platform be graced with its presence.

I'll give them credit, they do make interesting looking games, but with that with regard, they're not interesting enough to buy another system for, so I welcome any game from them on PS4.

Hope they have much success with Quantum Break this year.

Edit: 9+ gamers don't want QB to have success it seems, that's unfortunate.

KiwiViper851531d ago

Or they think a remedy game is worth buying a console for... maybe?

but continue on your fanboy ways

AudioEppa1531d ago

I guess they forgot how to post a comment..

Some people would lose their mind if websites got rid of the disagree button LMAO

ScorpiusX1531d ago

They want QB to be an amazing hit

Its this part that they don't want to ever see happen as long that Remedy & MS are partners ........

will Sony's platform be graced with its presence.

Personally i agree with those gamers...

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