EA Sports UFC 2 Criticised for Mike Tyson 'Mystery Fighter' Reveal

J Station X: EA Sports UFC 2 reveals former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson as a playable character, leading some fans to criticise EA for choosing to include the fighter.

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ravens521532d ago

Yes. Why not just make a new Fight Night we have no boxing games this gen. N wtf is he in that game anyway!?!? Hes a boxer. He doesn't kick, grapple... What happens when they get him to the ground lol I would like to the the imaginary move set they gave this man lol.

Wikkid6661532d ago

If he goes down... then he starting biting the ears.

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Clover9041532d ago

James Toney is a Heavyweight champion boxer who actually fought once in the UFC. A boxer could absolutely fight in mma competition. Maybe not on the highest level (James Toney lost via subsmission in the very first round), but every mma fight starts on the feet. Plus, it's a videogame. I enjoy having variety, so adding a fighter that never competed in mma is all in good fun. Last year was Bruce Lee and, judging from the number of times I fought someone using him, it was a success. I'm looking forward to using Mike Tyson.

Shazz1532d ago

it is pretty weird mike tyson is in the game and probably only in it coz hes buddies with dana white

pompombrum1532d ago

It's an insult to MMA legends tbh.. where's Ken Shamrock? Royce Gracie? Mark Coleman? Nope, we'll add a famous boxer instead!

Clover9041532d ago

Royce Gracie and Mark Coleman are in the last UFC game. And Ken Shamrock is currently under contract with a competing organization, Bellator. UFC and EA Sports probably couldn't put him in the game if they tried.

And obviously you haven't been keeping up with the game, but UFC 2 will be including the mma legends Sakuraba and Bas Rutten.

pompombrum1532d ago

Really we're geting Sakuraba and Bas? Awesome!

scark921532d ago

I may be wrong, but you have to pre-order to get these characters!

TheJacksonRGN1532d ago

No you have to pre-order to get instant access!

vanity291532d ago

Genki Sudo man, he was amazin.

TheCommentator1532d ago

He's a boxer. How many boxers are in MMA who only know how to box? If Tyson wants to be included in the MMA, he should get in the ring like everyone else. I made an exception to the rule when Bruce Li was included, but he's arguably the best MARTIAL ARTIST who ever lived.

BTW, I would also make an exception for Chuck Norris, as long as his beard could make you tap out! ;P

nevin11532d ago

"but he's arguably the best MARTIAL ARTIST who ever lived. "

How do you define "best Martial Artists"?

Are you going by his movies or did Mr Lee actually competed in Martial arts competition?

Khaotic1532d ago

I believe he competed. I believe even a young chuck nortis fought him at one of them. I cant remember without looking it up

FamilyGuy1532d ago

He was definitely in competitions, not sure I'd agree with the "best" statement but he became famous and got in movies because of his talent. Best of his time, or one of the best of his time might be more accurate.

TheCommentator1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

What? Bruce Lee was not an actor, he was a martial artist who ended up on film (unlike Jackie Chan or Van Damme). He was highly criticized for by the masters who'd taught him when he opened up a Dojo in the US to train western culture how to fight... in a style he created called Jeet Kune Do. He was a master in his own right and few men could stand alongside him as his equal. Yip Man is one of those people.

ShinMaster1532d ago

Lee and Tyson are bonus characters, so it's not a big deal for me.

DEEBO1531d ago

Lol he is the reason why you have MMA in the 1st place.

Bruce came up with the idea of taking what works from different fighting styles and putting them together for the all around fighter.

He is the one that started it all and was fighter before the movies came along.

No bruce lee=no MMA

Even dana white says it along with other MMA fighters.

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Movieworld1532d ago

You became irrelevant when you spelt a great martial artist like Bruce Lee's name wrong. How dare you?

TheCommentator1532d ago

Yeah, I look like an idiot for sure. It was an honest mistake I made while I'd edited for content. I was originally comparing him to Bruce Li, who was a poor martial artist in movies who tried to capitalize on Bruce Lee's namesake. You can see in my second post I spelled it right, and still didn't realize the error in the first post. Sorry about that.

BTW, you "spelt" spelled wrong. It's okay.

Satyre281532d ago

Guys its a "mystery" fighter. Dana White and Mike Tyson are close friends, idk how many of you are actual UFC fans but Tyson is always invited to go see training, and to their events in the back rooms with them watching. Just like how last UFC game they had Bruce Lee, its a mystery fighter. Also dont slack on Tysons skills, hes a scary puncher, but dont think someone of his caliber couldnt do well in the octagon as Rapage did pretty well and he was a strictly stand up fighter as well.

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