Street Fighter Wins. Fatality.

As Street Fighter continues to evolve, does Mortal Kombat stand a chance?

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DarkOcelet1534d ago

If Capcom improves on their dlc tactics which looks like the case in Street Fighter V then it will be the better game.

I just realized that Kombat Pack 1 and 2 cost 50$ combined. What a ripoff. Glad i didn't get this game nor did i support their $hitty practices.

The only four developers who did DLC right in 2015 were From Software, CD Projeckt, Evoloution Studios and 343 Studios. The rest of the developers should take note. That is how you do dlc.

Skate-AK1533d ago

That's not necessarily true. Kombat Pack 1 is only $10 now and 2 will be $20. So it will only cost $30 if you already have the game and waited to buy the DLC.

3-4-51533d ago

Nintendo gave free DLC for Splatoon....need to include that as well.

343 didn't do DLC that well though, as it's mostly all talk.

I've had Halo 5 since midnight launch and I haven't played in a month. It got old real fast.

Also, they haven't released any new Team Slayer maps, just a redesign or Forge Maps.

Pretty lame actually.

18+ Free maps sounds good on paper, but they didn't deliver. I don't trust 343 anymore. F em.

Septic1534d ago

I don't think MK and SF need to go head to head.

In terms of the competitive nature of both, SF has always been ahead. In fact, only with MK9 did the series actually have an appreciable competitive following.

Also, the terrible netcode for both MK9 and 10 precludes them from being taken seriously in that regard.

BUT saying that, whilst I love both, MK for me takes the edge simply because MK1 was my first game ever and it has had a style that is pretty cool.

Both are great games but it would be hard to argue against SF not only being the better fighting game, but being the best mainstream series ever period.

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Rookie_Monster1533d ago

For my money, I think SFV, MK, and Killer Instinct are unique and different enough to be relavent in the fighting game genre. But having said that, SF is always king to me. Can't wait for this to drop on PC and PS4 in a few weeks. DAY one!