Sandbox blues – How big is too big?

"Linear is not a dirty word and many games would benefit from a realistic examination of the likely available content before coding a sandbox the size of Texas."

Ed from Gameondaily raises questions about the increasing trend of more open world games gracing the scene and whether they are on par with the quality in more linear games.

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Hellsvacancy1539d ago

If it's bigger than Donald Trumps ego then yeah, it's too big

frostypants1538d ago

As big as his ego and as empty as his head.

Juiceid1538d ago

Far cry 3/4, shadow of mordor. Perfectly sized.

sullynathan1538d ago

Open world is a fad that is going on partly because consoles have reached a point where we can consistently release open world games wit the quality of linear ones and primarily because a little game called Skyrim released a couple years ago, sold 20 million copies and showed the industry that following in its footsteps would guarantee very high sales in the coming future.
By this point a bunch of games started doing it and it becomes a fad.

Now, I don't have a limit for how big an open world has to be but a lot of these current games and devs feel the need to one up each other by putting a lot of extra content in their games just so that they can advertise it or justify the games price.

Cueil1538d ago

a "fad" that's lasted 20 years... this has been a slow and gradual build up from Daggerfall to Fallout 4... it's not a "fad"

Khaotic1538d ago

Thank you, people think skyrim is what made open world a thing. It was a thing before skyrim and gta open worlds were selling huge long before skyrim came about as did many others

sullynathan1538d ago

The current open world trend is a fad. I never said the genre itself is a fad. We've had a huge surge of open world games in the past 4 - 5 years purely because its the IT thing now.

Hell, just look at TW3. One big reason it became open world was because Skyrim was such a huge success.

Cueil1533d ago

it's not a "current trend" it's a long ass trend that dates back to the mid 90s... even PS1 had several open world games

Cueil1538d ago

such a thing does not exist...