Star Wars Battlefront's January update does not contain a new map, says DICE employee

Star Wars Battlefront's January update will not feature a new map after all, lead lighting artist Oscar Carlen has confirmed.

It was reported yesterday that the upcoming update would include a free map set on Tatooine after a video from EA Brazil appeared to confirm as much. But that was "misinformation", Carlen says.

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cfc831528d ago

Any big maps been added since launch ?

Aenea1528d ago

Besides the Jakku one? No

cfc831528d ago

Pitty. Game was lacking in them i thought. Had a 10 hour trial.

Aenea1528d ago

Hmmm, shame, we could have used some new maps by now.

Wondering when the first DLC will be ready....

Findingcrybabies1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Never really cared to try this game, but it came with my console. it was EXACTLY what I expected. Join a game and every single person is running around with a rocket launcher. It was so much fun...... lol. Deleted it not long after.

I used to be a huge war game fan, but I guess I've just moved on or got sick of that. Been playing Evolve lately.

Khaotic1528d ago

Another AAA game that hid its best content behind dlc pay walls and left the day 1 60 dollar purchasers to either up more money or stay with a bare bones game. I am not one to usually hate or condemn companies for their decisions but some of the new games that were released last year were disgusting on their business tactics.

Findingcrybabies1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

I absolutely agree. I refused to buy the game until the Ultimate Edition came out with all of the content included for $40. It is a great game. I love it and am really putting the hours into it, but I will always see Turtle Rock games as money grabs and won't buy them release day.

Austin481528d ago

That's true trying to sucker people into purchasing a season pass that has more content then the main game also I cant say it enough it has no single player campaign is it really that hard too do? I wish EA would get it together and start doing better and actually do things people like here's hoping the next battlefront has a campaign and more content on the main game.

Nodoze1528d ago

Hahaha wow. Abysmal community interaction from DICE. Not word 1 about what is included in DLC. DICE and EA took the money and ran.

Less than 100k active players. With supposedly 13m copies sold??? Something stinks.

EA may have shipped 13m copies to retail, but no way in hell they sold through them.

This release, while pretty, is empty and vapid. Thanks for nothing.

pompombrum1528d ago

Actually they probably did sell close to that it's just everyone got bored and moved on. I had about 7-8 people on my friends list get the game between launch and December yet haven't seen a single one play it this year.

PaulKersey1528d ago

I wonder how many of those 13 million got traded in and are sitting on the shelves of local game stores?

Mikeyy1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Agreed, I too bought it at release and haven't touched it since like 2 weeks after, it's a hollow game with potential but there's nothing there right now. There are way to many good games out now. Even fallout 4 is on the back burner for a bit.

Not enough time, being an adult sucks.

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