Alone in the Dark needs to take "major step," says Villette

Antoine Villette, founder of I Am Alive developer Darkworks, has told VG247 he believes Alone in the Dark can still be great, but only if Atari is prepared to make radical changes to its format.

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TradingWarStories3739d ago

Everygame can be great, its what the devs & publishers do to make the game great.

PirateThom3739d ago

A "major step" would be to put a bullet through its head and leave it alone.

yanikins1113739d ago

prick. that made me lol, and i have the flu so now im coughing and my lungs hurt.

jkhan3739d ago

They need to redo the animation system, fix the controls, redo the combat system. I think they need to scrap the existing engine and make a new game, keep the fire techs with them but shoot the voice actor main character:@

THC CELL3739d ago

lol half the people on this site should start developing games

starting with jkhan

Man its clear they said they could do a lot more with the ps3 version by taking advantage of the Blu ray

i cant wait to see this game next week

By the way if u judge from a xbox version that it will be the same
so be it i will get this for the ps3 if proven better

i bet the xbox will be patched later

THC CELL3739d ago


This game will run and play alot better on ps3
with exclusive features

I love delays in a small way lol

Call it what you want
Limit x 360 could not get this game where it wanted

Ps3 will hit there mark
will see at the games convention this week

Blu ray for the win
Ps3 for the win

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