Black Desert Online’s character creator is already producing amazing results

The character creator for Black Desert Online is capable of very powerful stuff. The Black Desert Online beta may not be live now, but its character creator is already available to the masses.

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trywizardo1540d ago

lightning , lightning everywhere xD

DarkOcelet1540d ago

Yeah, i am surprised someone did Lightning lol.

Cloud and the rest of the Final Fantasy crew shouldn't be far off.

Its an excellent Character Creator.

Killz4Twinkies1540d ago

It'd be cool to see old school classics come to life

Godmars2901540d ago

The most hyped you mean.

trywizardo1540d ago

well , she is awesome and cute and deadly , so she might be not the best but damn great

rainslacker1539d ago


For all the hate she gets on her actual character, I feel she has a great character design.

SegaGamer1539d ago

Anybody who plays this game isn't actually going to play the game for about a day because they will be spending most of their time on the character creator :p