Destiny Doing Valentine’s Day Seems Dumb

Destiny announced this week that they are doing a valtnetine's day themed event, and some people don't see the doing. For Clipping Error, this seems like a sign that Destiny is a lost cause, and in this article they detail how their thoughts towards the game have changed as Bungie has altered how they plan to monetize it.

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MrPerfect8131530d ago

Doesnt War of Warcraft do stuff like this all the time. If it is free, i dont see the harm.

LAWSON721530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Yeah I agree however this is their idea of content IMO year 2 is a complete joke. If only they would have did expansions I would have been more than happy to play this game again. They better be hard at work on the sequel because there is no way they are putting alot of resources into this.

1530d ago
pompombrum1530d ago

WoW has dailies, reputation to gain and a whole list of themed items to collect and the influence of the event can be felt all over Azeroth. Destiny themed events are absolutely nowhere near on that level so it's not really a fair comparison.

1530d ago
Aenea1529d ago

I rather they had spent their energy into creating a proper big DLC instead of all these tiny uninteresting events they are doing now until Destiny 2 comes...

A big DLC can get me back to playing, those little events don't, now I will wait until Destiny 2 releases...

Commodore1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

People will complain about anything. We're you hoping for a raid? Play the game and ignore it. Are you allergic to roses?

JeffGUNZ1525d ago

I think the article is more about this is the content we get for year 2. First year, we got DLC content and year 2 is filled with useless week events. Kind of a let down, yeah?

Commodore1523d ago

Well they could put more meat in the content and Destiny 2 will get delayed and people will complain that it get delayed. Someone will complain about anything.

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