Synthetic Life: How Videogames Deal With Philosophy

The videogame industry has all but blossomed from the last decade into an art form that is at the forefront of technological advancement. Hailed by many as the natural predecessor to films, games have pushed boundaries with their interactive edge. As within any art form, art is used to express the thinking of the time, and many pieces portray an ideology, political representation or insight into the way of living. Much art also warns us of the future, whether it be George Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World the future has been harrowingly depicted for centuries. Videogames have now entered this tightly knit group and it hasn’t been more evident than in 2015.

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joedom1537d ago

Games have the ability to provide an experience that's rare outside of an interactive medium. A book or a film can tell you what a hyper capitalist society is like and why it's doomed to fail, but a game like Bioshock can actually take you there and see the decay of society. It's much more engaging, especially when games allows to engage with ideas and philosophies.

MrsNesbitt1536d ago

I think SOMA is the perfect example of dealing with this issue. It was genuinely upsetting.