More Resistance 2 beta footage: new competitive map revealed

This map is set in the San Francisco level.

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Bombibomb3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

OMFG DO WANT! Can't wait to see all of this in HD next month WOOT!

Hagaf223738d ago

yeah but this guy needs banned, theres a reason its a private beta.

arakouftaian3738d ago

u r the one who need to be banner from n4g i am glad this guy n few others r doing this, for us the gamers, the ones who did not have that much luck n got the chance to be in the priv beta, i guess u r fell bad because u r not n he is i fell bad too but its the way its

UnblessedSoul3739d ago

Looks awesome...the only thing that bothers me is all the bars and xp junk on the screen I hope it can be turned off..

AKIronMaiden3738d ago

I completely agree with you, The less cluttered the HUD is, I believe it makes for a more realistic experience. I do hope they make adjustments to this before it's launched. I really don't like the health Bar, They need to shrink it down or something. But all and all, I want this game badly.

Fishy Fingers3739d ago

While R2 has 8 player co-op, it is still competitive as each of you are still fighting for the points (XP), I imagine the "winner" from each section may receive something, maybe a power up or perhaps just a medal.

tako20003739d ago

I do remember enough XP will increase max health or buff up damage, but player lost these abilities once they respawn.

I wonder how good a medic can do in a game that health regenerate itself...

jkhan3739d ago

Who was complaining about the graphics? Its beta & its multiplayer and still the water effects looks amazing even in that resolution:D
Damn I can't wait for this game:D

pp3738d ago

Multi-player graphics are awful they look like ps2 .The good news is i'm getting GEARS OF WAR 2

Thoas3738d ago

You mean Gears of War 1.5, the game that looks like UTIII

RonDeMuerte3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

HA!! Resistance murders all of your exclusives!!....go play those stupid children's games like Halo 3 (The worst looking last gen power ranger game ever!!), Viva Piñata (A game about Piñatas? seriously?), Banjo (Looks exactly like the N64 version), and Fable 2 (Sounds like a gay children's bedtime story), oh and Gears of War 2 (I saw a video for it the other day, but I kept asking myself....why are they still promoting a game that came out 2 years ago??....people have already played it!!).....the 360 has the worst line up hahahahaha....2007 will never repeat itself for your last gen console!!! hahahahaha

AIi_The_Brit3738d ago

the better news? youl be playing 8, COUNT IT! EIGHT! player games


Xbox live shows what it can do

olivia3738d ago

dude is the video that garbage not the game,open eye's and use common this game in hd and you will see it looks 15x better than this even in multiplayer.

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