Dark Souls 3's Prestige Edition is back in stock at Amazon for £299.99

Maybe it isn't "completely sold out" after all: the Xbox One and PC versions of Dark Souls 3's Prestige Edition are now back in stock to pre-order from Amazon for the princely sum of £299.99.

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UltraNova1527d ago

As much as I love this series, £300 is too much!

DARKKENT1526d ago

Freaking rip off price to be blunt

Seraphim1526d ago

$300 is about right, though steep and pricey. The problem is that's in Pounds. Almost a 16" resin statue, nice art book, definitely a great package. Apparently fans didn't think it was too much as according to the article the pS4 version allegedly sold out w/in 2 hours.

For $130 US we get that Red Knight statue, a little PoS art book, cloth map, soundtrack and metal case. I'd much rather have that Lord of Cinder statue than the Red Knight. Though that Lord of Cinder Statue alone would probably go for at least $100-150 I'd imagine. Kind of surprising to see it for $300 lbs. Is pretty steep though it's hard to say it's not worth it because none of these CE/LE really ever are. Just boils down to how cool or interested you are in the extra crap thrown in.

-Foxtrot1527d ago

£199 I could have lived with but £299...God no

Pancit_Canton1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

I'd rather buy another PS4 for that amount or save that money for PSVR.

KTF261527d ago

If I have that much money to throw away I'll just go and by XBOne
at least I will have a chance to play Sunset Overdrive and the upcoming Quantum Break

Nivekki1526d ago

I love the Souls games, but that is a ridiculous amount of cash to pay. It does look cool, but not for 300 quid.

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