EA's Damage Limitation: Too Little, Too Late?

Jo from GamersFTW writes: "It is probably something that many gamers agree on; EA like to take our money. The company is well known for having expensive DLCs and offering us games with perhaps less content then they should. So to my surprise while I was rummaging through the internet I came across a bit of information that made me guffaw and intrigued in equal amounts."

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joedom1537d ago

EA are just synonymous with the idea of corporate greed now; it's what happens after you win the worst company in America award for two years straight. They just have take a step back and wait for somebody else ,like Ubisoft, to take the spotlight by making more horrible decisions than them.

UltraNova1537d ago

As long as the keep posting increased earnings quarter after quarter they simply wont care...

Septic1537d ago

Winning the worst company in America award; I mean that is quite some feat. That stuff stays for you for life.

The only way to change the perception is a DRASTIC change. Even so, its not as if everyone will forget their ways. Their u-turn would actually take center stage more than the actual renewed mantra itself.

Kleptic1537d ago

I never understood that though...Don't get me wrong, EA is an awful gaming publisher as far as the consumer goes...

but they beat out banks falsifying interest rates, laying off thousands and closing branches while tripling pay to upper management... ISPs/cable companies completing 'behind closed door' price floors on services for areas they don't even compete carriers hiding costs in ridiculous legalize even after some laws were passed to prevent that...etc.

EA just annoys people that like video games...I've never understood what they did that made them even relevant to the list in the first place...

Septic1537d ago

Yeah I don't get it either. There are loads of companies far more eligible for the worst company list. I don't know what the criteria was in making that assessment mind you.

UltraNova1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

@ kleptic

Good point.

Maybe crowning a gaming company as the worst lessens the aftermath when it comes to big money and power Corps both stock market and press-wise?

I mean in the grander scheme of things who cares about video games right?

pumpactionpimp1537d ago

If you guys don't understand why ea beat the banks, and other garbage companies in the us, then your lucky. Almost everything a gamer considers wrong with the industry now days, was a tactic or idea pioneered by ea. Not to mention their shotty, rushed, no qa games being forced to market. It's been happening since the early 2000's, and only continues to get worse as they post bigger profits.

There was a time ea, had studios that made great games, with great quality. Now they see a new studio put out a new ip, watch how well it does, then purchase the developer, and force them in to a slave labor scenario. Where they make that studio produce sequel after sequel, and casualizing the gameplay. Not in an effort to make a better Gamez but in an effort to simply cater to the possibility of more people buying it.

They are a cancer on the industry. Which truly is sad, as they were a great company that constantly pushed new ips, and boundaries at the dawn of pc gaming.

Kleptic1537d ago

^but banks screwing around resulted in thousands of people losing their homes..

my point was EA's crap in no way reflects 'real' problems....many other companies get shifty and it very much effects nearly everyone's day to day life...I still don't see how EA wrecking a few loved franchises over the past decade or so is comparable.

am i crazy? We have hospitals having their own insurance branches, effectively 'paying themselves' for health care services...and still denying coverage or having massive deductibles....

But i get it...EA trashed Sim City, so...worst company.

pumpactionpimp1537d ago


No you're not crazy. There are bigger problems in life. But ea seems to take the cake with the most vocal bunch in america. Although their practices don't effect people as dramatically. Every gamer from casual, to competitive generally dislikes them. And most people play games to get away from real world problems like politics, and the economy. Ea just serves to remind us you can't get away from corporate greed.

Also, the banks are partially responsible for tanking the markets. Banks just gave out loans that were bigger than people could afford. So one could argue that people's greed killed the markets, and the banks only helped facilitate it. I got a 200k house as the market was tanking. The bank offered me a 500k loan. Any reasonable person would look at how much they make, and realize what's feasible, and unfeasible like I did.

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MilkMan1537d ago

There is no try, just DO IT if that's what you want to do.
Cause their rep is damaged to the max. These guys don't know their @ss from their elbows.
Like putting multiplayer where it doesn't belong.
Charging for colors.
Releasing dumb games with incomplete content.
Ridiculous prices for season passes.
Disbanding of great developing houses like Pandemic.
Forcing sports fans to buy yearly games. YUCK!
List goes on and fingers are tires already.

TimelessDbz1537d ago

SO glad EA does not listen to most people on the forums. I strongly disagree with almost everything you listed.

AudioEppa1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

My low opinion of EA comes from them not putting out enough games I like to play and not taking care of the ones I use to love, not because their greedy, like who isn't really?

At the end of the day most consumers support "greedy" companies that satisfy them personally, but we've seen this 'single out' mentality over the years when it comes to [Enter Popular Name Here]

These are the EA games I've liked from the last 7 to 8 years.

Burnout Paradise (still my favorite car game to date)
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Battlefield 3
(haven't put enough time in bf4 to give a say on it)
Need for Speed 2015

That's a lot of years with so little I enjoyed from it and my only problem with their sports games is that they haven't invested in a good graphics engine to showcase the world in a life like realistic way and I hate the controls (nba live, nhl) they were much more simpler in the ps1/2 days. I prefer more arcady-ish

I want a freedom fighters reboot lol please EA!

But the whole DLC thing, uhh to be honest I don't really care about it, if I'm interested I'll buy it, if not then I don't. However I do really appreciate certain developers who mix it up with free and pay DLC. But no company forces me to do anything lol except having to always be online for certain games, but I like always been online anyway so no problem there.

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TimelessDbz1537d ago

Audio you are exactly right. As long as you like the games you play from EA. No need to jump on the bandwagon of hate for no reason.

rocketpanda1537d ago

Just look at Star Wars Galaxies and realise that they don't give a damn what consumers think.

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pompombrum1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

They have that "big greedy company" image for a reason.. there is no gaming company out there who is so shameless about their desire to milk you. Look at the new UFC game.. they've somehow managed to shoehorn Ultimate TEAM into a 1v1 fighting game to try and milk fans. Not sure how it works or even read anything on it but looking at the preorder bit on the PS Store and it mentions getting free bonus UT packs.

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