Behind The Order: 1886 - The Evolution of Lakshmi

The Order: 1886 was one of the most cinematic and highly anticipated titles for the PlayStation 4 this year, and whilst opinions may vary on the game itself, one thing is for certain, it looked amazing. The developers, Ready At Dawn, have given an insight into how they go about creating characters for their games, with a look at one of the relatively minor characters, Lakshmi.

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ArchangelMike1532d ago

I really really hope we get a sequesl to The Order 1886. It was definately style over substancee, but it did style better it's contemporaries. Shame about the length of gameply.

At least Ready At Dawn know what they need to fix, and they have the engine all set. I say they let us play as the game with the other characters as well as Galahad, so we get to see thier side stories.

However they definately need to further develop the QTE system. It was completely pointless and didn't really change any outcomes. They need to have full player choice that chamges the story... Yep, they definately they need to move away from such a linear story telling method.

Cindy-rella1532d ago

I really like this game a lot and consider it one of the best game released this generation so far. I havent much complaint about this game because i accept that its not like other games ive played before. This game does a lot of things well and i judge it on its merits only and not what i think it should be. Its the Most polished game ive ever played in a long time and its the best looking game graphically ive ever seen on any platform. I would love for a sequel to be made

inveni01531d ago

I, too, love this game for what it is. I think many players were confused about the purpose of the game. It is a subtler style of story telling than Life is Strange or Telltale's games. [email protected] needs a sequel for this for sure.

gaffyh1532d ago

It's a great game, but they need some guidance on making it more interactive. I have no doubt that a sequel will be infinitely better though.

Rimeskeem1532d ago

Can we petition to have Sony let [email protected] make a sequel. Now that they have created one of the greatest engines most have seen I think they can focus on story and character more. The gameplay was fine although polishing it would never heard. Also it would be cool if there was a werewolf vs soldier kind of deal, like Dead Space, as long as it's done right.

I just want a sequel

mocaak1531d ago

My thought of the game is a little opposite. :-) I think characters were great, and story needed a little improvement. But the main problem was in the gameplay.

I really enjoyed gun fights, and stealth was decent, but werewolf and boss fights were awful. Also cut-scenes were often forced, especially when climbing/descending a ladder or approaching other characters, it affected the pacing pretty badly.

I'd like a sequel too though.

Zarock1531d ago

We need more curry In video games.

uncharted561531d ago

oh I get it cuz brown people eat curry... -.-

Knushwood Butt1531d ago

I'd buy the sequel.

Maybe a spin-off would work better. Same universe, different storyline.

Lakshimi was a pretty memorable character, and didn't hurt that she was beautiful.

killa_sam1531d ago

I found this game good but needs more multilayer like 4v4.

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The story is too old to be commented.