Here’s Why Sony Has No Reason to Release PlayStation 4 Slim

The likelihood of Sony releasing a slimmer iteration is pretty inadmissible at this point

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DARKKENT1532d ago

Because Its slim already without a power brick?

kayoss1532d ago Show
XisThatKid1532d ago

On topic: Sony doesn't have to simply because it's what some would call "Crushing it" and with that being said if/when sales start to slow. Other than that I don't see why aside from cutting production cost in the next year or so. Besides I live the brilliant and classy design under my projector. Besides parallelepiped shape, Multi choke LED stream and touch "buttons" are very appreciated in my eyes.
Often Slims drop my personal fav physical features of initial designs.

Vhampir1532d ago

Having the power brick inside really does wonders for the PS4's noise and heat output. It's almost a real jet engine.

Guyfamily9991532d ago

I love my PS4, but my gosh, I miss my PS3s blissful near silence.

AG66861532d ago

My C chassis is almost silent, sometimes it cranks the fan up a bit for a few seconds then goes silent again. My launch PS4 was loud though.

DarXyde1532d ago

Am I the only one with silent consoles? My PS4 and Xbox One are ninjas.

Vhampir1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

C-chassis is about half as loud as the launch PS4s. Kinda wish I had waited on getting my PS4.

My XBone and Wii U are silent, PS4 is louder than both combined by at least 3 times. It gets even louder if a disc is in the drive. I've replace the thermal paste on it even. One of the benefits of early adoption.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1532d ago

Mine is 2 years old and I never hear a peep out of it.

Jaqen_Hghar1532d ago

A man's launch PS4 is rather silent. At least not loud enough to be heard over the game as a man has never noticed it

gangsta_red1531d ago

I have a 60 gig fat boy PS3 and it sounds like a turbo twin jet engine.

Maybe it's just my model but my PS4 is super quiet.

kraenk121531d ago

Not true for the latest iteration. Mine is almost silent!

rainslacker1531d ago


It often seems that way.

I can hear mine when it turn it on, and in very quiet parts of when paused or just standing around where nothing is happening. But even then, it's barely audible.

I know I"m old, but I feel I'm losing my hearing because some people seem to think that the PS4 is as loud as a jet taking out the exaggeration, it seems that they are just making crap up.

It's not dead silent, but it certainly isn't that loud. The fan on my stereo receiver makes more noise. Heck, the ceiling fan in my bedroom can make more noise when on high.

nitus101531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I have the latest model PS4 (CUH1202A) and I cannot hear it even though it is about one meter from where I am currently sitting.

Currently with my PC and monitor I am using about 60W. When I switch on my PS4 (now) I get 115W, which means that my PS4 in standby consumes about 55W and I can't hear the fan unless I actually put my ear to the device.

Now lets fire up "The Witcher 3":

Yes I can definitely hear the Bluray drive as it authenticates the media for about 10 seconds and now I cannot hear the fan even though I have turned off the volume on my sound system.

Oh wow I am actually consuming about 130W so deducting 60W for my PC and Monitor the PS4 when playing TW3 is consuming about 70W and I can't hear the fan unless I put my ear to the device.

BTW. I have written on my setup before but for those who don't know I have a Skylake 4 Core i7-6700 processor, GW-Z170M-D3H motherboard, 16GB DDR4, 3TB HDD, 120GB SSD, 500W Case and a 24" IPS LG monitor which is rated at 25W.

Because I am not a PC gamer I use the inbuilt graphics of my motherboard which can easily output to 1080p (can actually go to 2160p @ 30fps) so I actually use very little power when the machine is idle or I am doing more simple things like surfing the web. Even playing a YouTube video only raises my PC's power consumption by about 10W and playing a video via VLC is about the same.

I also have a digital watt-meter connected to my power distribution board so I can give fairly accurate power readings. My sound system (rated at 200W) is connected to a different power outlet since all bets are off if I included that in the measurements.

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bf0007779661532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

There is no reason sony wont release a slim version as soon as possible, because slim version not only looks great, requires less space, produce less heat, most importantly it cost less, this means more competitive price hence more profits.

kneon1532d ago

I doubt there are much savings to be had until there is a die shrink of the processor. Designing a new console model and changing over production is not cheap, so you only do that when it becomes worth the cost and effort.

1532d ago
rainslacker1531d ago

Sony will redesign and implement changes to the main board, and likely the chips on it, but that doesn't mean the form factor of the case has to change.

It's very possible it could of course, as there is room for making it smaller...I mean, look at the late model PS2's to see how tiny they got.

I don't know if they will offer a new enclosure, but it's certainly possible, but the other things you mention can be handled through simple redesigns of the internals.

Relientk771532d ago

They probably will have a PS4 slim eventually

Septic1532d ago

Which will be the size of a sim card

JasonBloodbourne1532d ago

Would that make it a slim card?

I'll get my coat 😂

Jaqen_Hghar1532d ago

when they drop to $199 in 2017 they will use the slim to cut costs on shipping and manufacturing and such. A man wishes they had a 4 USB model for a little more though

nitus101531d ago

Is there any reason why you would need a 4 USB model since you can charge your Dual Shock 4 by any decent USB to micro USB charger be it battery or mains connected.

I actually do use one of my USB ports for my headphones if I want 7.1 sound but if I connect to my sound system I can use either cable or wireless for my head-phones if I use them.

nowitzki20041532d ago

Maybe this is the gen that ends slims? I would like to see an official portable PS4

sprinterboy1532d ago

Xmas 2017, we will see the slim and it will be the only slim this generation before we see ps5 at E3 2019 with 2020 release imo.

Paytaa1532d ago

I don't think it needs a slim. The design is already sleak and slim as it is. Whoever designed that PS4 w/o a power brick sure deserves a medal.

It's definitely a good looking console.

kayoss1532d ago

Any slimmer and it wont able to stand up on its side.

Jaqen_Hghar1532d ago

that's what sold separately stands are for!

Pancit_Canton1532d ago

PS2 slim made that possible.

rainslacker1531d ago

Could reduce the width and depth. Slim doesn't necessarily mean that the height changes...although it usually does. I'd imagine all three dimensions would change if they decided to go with a slim. There probably is plenty of things that could be consolidated on the board and made more compact. I don't know if there would be much room for reducing the APU size given it's already pretty small, but if they could make it so the APU uses less wattage, they could theoretically cut back on the cooling system which takes up about half the height of the current PS4.

nitus101531d ago

The PS4 will stand on it's end without a support although I would always recommend one if you are going to put it on the floor, especially if children and animals are around.

With my PS4 it is connected to one of the HDMI ports on my monitor and switch-able between my PC in about 1 to 2 seconds. If my wife is not using our large screen HDTV in the living room I can disconnect (ie. HDMI and power connection) from my PC setup and move and reconnect to my HDTV in less than a minute.

It should be noted that I only disconnect the HDMI and power cable I don't actually take them with me when I move my PS4. This is because the HDMI and power cables are industry standard and only a few dollars so why would I need to move them.

A brick on the other hand is more expensive than a simple power cable and a pain to move unless you don't actually care how your set-up looks.

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