Rumor: Burnout Paradise PSN for Europe too

Last week Criterion announced Burnout Paradise PSN for the US PlayStation Store, but made no mention of its European equivalent.

Not to worry though, because a Sony source has confirmed to Eurogamer that the download will be released in Europe as well.

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Mr_Showtime13712d ago

However, when the patches come in at around 400mb a piece, then i'm sure that it is going to be one hefty download!

SixTwoTwo3712d ago

Yeah we're probably looking at an 8gb or 9gb download for Burnout. Siren is 9gb. I wonder how many gigs Wipeout HD and SOCOM will take up...

predator3712d ago

I dont see the point in full retail games as downloads, leave the PSN for small, cheap, fun games...leave the retail games at retail...same goes for XBL

SixTwoTwo3712d ago

Whats wrong with full DVD sized downloadable games. If the HDD space is there then put it to use.

peksi3712d ago

But if they cost 50% of the original then I'm all for it.

Nuclearfish3712d ago

I don't see a problem if it's released on both Blu-ray and PSN. If you don't want to download it, go and get it from a store. But there are some people out there who will want to download it...

SIX3712d ago

It's way better than I though. For those of you who are on the fence with this. 29.99 is nothing for a game of this quality. The polish and the way everything is inegrated is so far ahead of most games. As a bonus, it looks amazing, and the support from Criterion is unheard of.

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