Ark Split Screen Coming In Next Update

Studio Wildcard have Announced that split screen, for local and online multiplayer will be available in the upcoming Xbox One patch. No more details have been released as of yet regarding the next patch or even when it is scheduled to go live. However as a console game this is a big step for the fans, seeing as it has been a highly requested update

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bokharij1532d ago

I'm looking forward to playing this in splitscreen and VR. I wonder if you can do both, as in one person using VR while the other person plays on your TV/Monitor.

Jumper091532d ago

LOL dont get your hopes up in regards to VR

bokharij1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Sorry what do you mean? In terms of couch coop or in general?

1532d ago
Neonridr1532d ago

split screen? The game has some major issues with framerate, split screen is the last thing you want to be offering at this time..

DLConspiracy1532d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Seems a bit unnecessary anyway. Just focus on optimizing and adding the elements of the PC version in slowly.

nowitzki20041532d ago


they will downgrade it to PS2 visuals to make it work

jb2271532d ago

Yeah this is a bit of an unfortunate time to announce this taking into consideration all of the reported issues w/ the base game. It makes me wonder though, would the resources required to run split screen be similar to the resources required to run VR? Both systems are essentially rendering the game twice I assume. It'd be cool if the VR development has an unintended consequence of allowing for the resurgence of couch co op. Games that develop w/ VR in mind but plans of a traditional title as well may essentially be able to create a couch co op experience since the targets may be similar?

1532d ago
Rivitur1532d ago

If this game gets splitscreener in the state it is (frame rate wise) then every other developer has 0 excuse now to not have split screen in their game if the fans want it.