Should Bethesda invest in a new game engine?

With the Creation Engine showing it's age, we ask whether it's time for some reupholstering.

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ArchangelMike1531d ago

Yes they should. It's time for them to really go next-gen. Fallout 4 looks out-dated graphically - from the character movement and facial animations, to the rag-doll physics.

Askanison41531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Not sure why you've got a disagree here.

Fallout 3 (and New Vegas to an extent) was one of my favourites because it pushed boundaries at the time and did something so fresh and was more immersive than anything else out there.

Fallout 4 has so many limitations, be it aesthetically, in the physics engine or the outdated and restricted dialog system that it feels like an old game.

I'm still playing it, but can't help but be disappointed time and again. I recently found the crashed alien space ship, followed a trail of blood, found an alien - then had no choice but to kill it. There is no scope for ingenuity or interesting play styles. Just go here, kill this.

Combat Zone is the worst example of this.

Granted, those are more game-design issues than engine ones...

Mr-Dude1531d ago

Agree, F4 was a nice game to play and still playing it. But also sometimes disapointed about various things...

Anthotis1531d ago

Well said. Fallout 4 was a last gen game in almost every way.

Niceman911531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I agree with Askanison4.

Fallout 4 is a good game, although it just doesn't reach the level of greatness of it's predecessors. At the time, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout were unique and unrivaled experiences, but the problem now is that there are games (namely RPG's) which do a better job at providing satisfactory storytelling, visuals, gameplay etc.

With that said, I have enjoyed my time with Fallout 4 and I do still play it, but I always manage to find something to criticize, which leaves me disappointed.

I do believe that it's time Bethesda invests in a new engine, especially when you consider that the next entry in The Elder Scrolls franchise will soon be upon us. The right question to ask is this, "Will Bethesda Invest in a New Game Engine?"...

In four years time (I'm guessing), we will have another game from this developer, and if it's just as visually unappealing, with shoddy animation, poor quest/mission design and a lackluster narrative, then they will have a big problem (which might not even matter to them as the sales figure will still be immense).

The reception Fallout 4 received should serve as a warning to Bethesda.

Hroach6161531d ago

I just want another main line Elder Scrolls game. I don't give a rats ass what engine. I miss The scrolls of the elders.

At the very least port over skyrim to current gen and make a new engine after that's done for the next big game.

Niceman911531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Did you know that they DID in-fact "port" Skyrim onto next-generation consoles in order to get used to the programming on the new technology?
I'm guessing they tested and worked out how the new lighting and graphical enhancements would look when applied to their future games.
However, at this stage I highly doubt they will release anything Skyrim related. I think they're done with it and besides, why release a graphically and technically enhanced version of a game on console which modders have improved immensely over the years on PC.

Hroach6161531d ago

Because like you said, that's on PC. I'm talking consoles.

I know it will never happen. But I think it would sell like crazy. A lot of fond memories with that game for a lot of people.

Niceman911530d ago

Don't get me wrong, I would love a Skyrim remaster, although Bethesda would need to improve more than just visuals; animation has always been an issue with their game engine and it shows...

They wouldn't use their own resources to enhance the game whatsoever. BUT, they could outsource the project to another developer because like you said, it would "sell like crazy"!

Interinactive1531d ago

It depends on whether they could keep it moddable. I couldn't imagine being stuck with vanilla versions of their games.

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The story is too old to be commented.