Mario Kart 64 doesn't have Ghost data on Wii U

The Wii U re-release of Mario Kart 64 lacks the ability to save Ghost data (your own replay to race against).

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Geobros1534d ago

One the best features of the game wont be on Wii U versions. neither Wii version had this features but I was hoping Nintendo could find a solution later.

1534d ago
3-4-51532d ago

Glad I still have my N64 and this Mario Kart.

Still have all my old times from the 90's.

I can go race against teenage me.

Tiqila1534d ago

just add a "virtual controller pack" come on Nintendo you can do it!

solvemymaze1533d ago

I still find it odd that they couldn't have emulated the controller pak the same way they did for the onboard eeprom for the games.