The Nintendo NX: Separating fact from fiction

An article that explores a number of popular Nintendo NX rumors in detail and backs up statements with appropriate facts / sources.

Topics discussed range from Nintendo NX specification to the Zelda Wii U release.

Bonus facts can be found at the end of the article.

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iplay1up21539d ago

I don't believe the 900p 60fps. Also I think NX will release this year. Which is why Zelda U was delayed, sure they are probably adding, tweaking, improving, Zelda U, but I also think they are porting it to NX.

If no new BIG games are announced for Wii U soon, Starfox, Pokemon turnament, Twilight Princess, and Zelda U are pretty much it on the first and second party line up. A release date has not been set, but a new Pikmin is already finished or almost anyway.

Realplaya1537d ago

They don't have to delay it for release on the NX the best thing would be release Zelda Wii U now and let it move Wii U units.

higgins781538d ago

Possibly the best rumour - that the NX will use cartridges - was not addressed in the feature. I'm telling you now, should the NX (whatever it is) use cartridges...MIND.BLOWN.

Come on Nintendo, make it so.

R00bot1537d ago

Was this actually a rumour? I thought it was just speculation.

higgins781537d ago

Rumour, speculation...either way. NEED.