Mortal Kombat X PC Support Angry Rant

Angry Joe speaks about Mortal Kombat X PC support.

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Gaming_Since_The_80s1530d ago

Isn't the "angry" thing a bit played out now?

iDadio1530d ago

I agree it is, but the topic at hand does leave an unsavoury taste in the mouth.

MasterCornholio1530d ago

I know what you mean. But Angry Joe does have a point here.

Allsystemgamer1529d ago

You haven't heard of playing a character have you...

Gaming_Since_The_80s1529d ago

Uh..yeah I have, actually. But that doesn't supersede the point I'm making.

Angry Joe, Annoyed Gamer, Angry Video Game Nerd, and the list goes on... point is: it's played out, characters or not.

Genova841530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Didn't watch the video. PC gamers, self included, are understandably upset about the lack of support for a game that we were told "would be awesome," by none other than mr. Boon himself.

I wrote this game off when I was getting black screens post Jason patch. Guess having more than 12 threads prevented the game from launching. I want to say they didn't fix that until tremor. If you check out steam, there is/was a "known bugs" thread. This type of community involvement no doubt drove down PC sales. The Steam refunds wasn't introduced until later, and on the point of the black screen issue, that wasn't introduced until a month or so after launch when I had put in 20 or so hours.

Still, I feel that if WB games won't make money on Kombat pack 2 for pc, they should take that hit, and then not port their next titles to PC rather than cutting us out.

The only thing, besides actually supporting this title, that would make me want to purchase a WB or NRS game in the future, would be if they gave all MKX PC owners a coupon to buy MKXL on PS4 or XBONE for $30, the Kost of the Kombat pack. Of course, I'm sure suggesting this means I am an entitled PC gamer ...

Allsystemgamer1529d ago

I am never buying another WB game period. I got AK and my friends who had it on ps4 were laughing at how bad it ran on my PC. I got it on PC instead of ps4 because my PC exceeds the recommended specs. Screw you WB. MKX still doesn't launch for me.

They can shove it. I wasted nearly $150 (Canadian) on their crap. I just wanted to dive into games to experience something other than the perils of real life and I left more angry than going in.