Why 'Fallout 4' Will Never Be The New 'Skyrim'

A while back, I wrote a piece about the enduring appeal of Skyrim, a single player game with practically infinite replay value, where you could easily sink in hundreds of hours across multiple characters, and still want to go back for another visit, years later.

Now, Bethesda has come out with their next, giant open-world game, Fallout 4. Logic dictates that the next-gen title should claim Skyrim’s throne as its logical successor (don’t get me starter on TESO), and yet it’s hard to see that happening.

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ravinash1532d ago

The fact that you can build your own settlements and when the modders start getting more involved, I'm sure t will grow.
I think the only main issue is the fact that the scenery does not have the same diversity that Skyrim had.

objdadon1532d ago

I don't think it has to be

MasterD9191532d ago

Sure, they play in a similar manner but in no way are the two the same experience.