South African console sales figures

Core Gaming revealed some interesting South African sales figures at the recent launch of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This data, provided by GFK Statistics, give us a clearer indication of how the console race is being run in SA.

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fermcr3712d ago

Nintendo dominating, nothing new, but the suprise here are xbox360 sales... i thought PS3 sells more ouside the USA.

As for handheld, good for PSP. Doing better then the DS.

GavinMannion3712d ago

here are the full South African sales figures without the marketing spin, these were collated by GFK and presented by them.

Fadixon3712d ago

well south africa are like kings in piracy thats why ps3 aint selling that well they only buy consoles that can be modded so they dont have to buy the games

Bucky Sligo3712d ago

kings in piracy? Where do you get your facts?

La Chance3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I grew up in SA and I dont have a clue what youre talking about.

on topic : knowing South Africa very well Im VERY VERY surprised to see the 360 do so well overthere.I remember the original xbox wasnt really huge overthere and Sony was more than king , I bet South Africans were even more in love with Sony than the japanese themselves lol.

But this just confirms that english speaking countries seem to favor the 360 for whatever reason (maybe Live...?).If even SA and Australia favor the 360 then its not a coincidence.

Kyur4ThePain3711d ago

South Africa is an Afrikaans speaking country.

Numphie3712d ago

To lazygamer: These are full sales figures, and were supplied by GFK to Core Gaming, as pointed out in paragraph one. I highly doubt that the figures had a marketing spin added to them, and am sure that had Ster Kinekor or Microsoft presented the figures they would have been exactly the same. Sales figures are sales figures...

Although your article is interesting, it does not specify the dates to which the statistics relate, and as such is somewhat confusing.

GavinMannion3712d ago

I think everyone knows that figures are not just figures. It all depends on how they are displayed.

Per quarter figures are interesting but don't reflect the true market as it stands.

I just posted the link to the article BY GFK, it wasn't edited in any way. So if someone wants to know what GFK thought then they could check.

The date is at the top of the article and related to console sales from launch until the beginning of June, which was the last stats reporting date.

Maverick3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I totally agree with king of piracy thing, cause everyone i know would love a ps3, but would rather go 360 or wii because of pirated games. Also take into account the price difference between them (PS3 +- R5500.00)(360+- R1999.00)(Wii+- R3000.00) then factor in how ridiculously expensive original copies of games are(MGS4 R749.00) and that PS3 multi-platform games are usually between R50-R100 more than the 360, don't even mention the exclusive games prices. RIDICULOUS!!

By the way, i am proud owner of a 60Gig PS3(R6499.00) & loving it.
Now only if i could afford a cheese & tomato sandwich(R5.99).
Damn the economy.

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