Which VR Headset Is Right for You in 2016?

There's a plethora of VR headsets flooding the marketplace, and many of them tout features like gaming and PS4/Xbox connectivity, but it take more than an HDMI port to actually run VR games.

Here's a quick breakdown of which headsets are out there, along with which are truly capable of VR gaming on PC, Android, Mac, Linux, and consoles and which are just blowing smoke.

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UltraNova1540d ago

It seems everyone and their mum is on board the VR train...

If VR doesn't succeed this time then I have no idea if it will ever.

ArchangelMike1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

It will succeed, but it will be a slow burner over the course of the next 2-3 yrs. It will also need other types of media experiences besides just games, to push it into the mainstream; such as VR movies, live events, sports etc.

I don't have a high-end PC - heck I've only got a laptop, so Occulus and Vive are out of reach for me. My only real choice is PSVR. I think this is one of the factors that will give Sony the edge in the VR sapce.

UltraNova1540d ago

Yes exactly. Sony should make it a priority to transfer all their movies to PSVR as well, then others might follow suit.

Imagine watching The Matrix trilogy in proper VR...

Who knows if they succeed they could persuade IMAX to port their format to VR as well.

Exciting times ahead!

Versability1539d ago

There actually are a lot of non-gaming experiences already available in VR, and the AutoCad foundation has already been laid to film live sports in 3D. I tested a couple services that allow you to watch an event like the Superbowl from anywhere in the stadium, including the line of scrimmage or VIP box. It currently has a 6-second delay from a live feed, and they're working on reducing it to 1 or less. The Sacramento Kings are already installing spherical cameras to record their games. VR is definitely here to stay and the public will figure that out by the end of the year.

Versability1539d ago

Under Armour already has sensors in all the clothes used by the NFL, NBA, and other pro sports leagues. Companies are using those sensors in conjunction with 3D scans of the players to map where they're at and put realistic skins on them in the VR world. Imagine being able to pause a game during a timeout and get right in the middle of the action to see whether or not there truly was a foul.

Aenea1539d ago

Yeah same here tho I will probably upgrade within the year but currently I don't have a capable PC for VR there but do have a PS4 so I will go with PSVR.

And yes, I would love to be able to play 3D bluray movies using the PSVR and also just use the PSVR as a big ass screen for '2D' content like regular games and movies.

Though Sony did say that on release they won't have the supporting apps for this yet but they will come. I hope they come quick tho!

kraenk121538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )


This "big ass screen" will be only half as small with a lower resolution than your standard TV though.

I actually think the biggest treat will be 360° videos and movies. This stuff is amazing on an iPad already..can't imagine how it must be in VR.

XisThatKid1538d ago

If and when I get a VR headset I'm getting PS VR.

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_LarZen_1539d ago

I'm getting the PSVR this year. I would really want the Oculus Rift also. But the hardware requirements means I have to upgrade or build a new computer. It's just to expensive for me to do that and buy the Rift this year...sadly.

My guess there are many in the same boat?

But hopefully in 2017 when prices go down on both hardware required and the Rift it'self goes down. Then I hope to get it.

zsquaresoff1539d ago

Psvr for me as I already own a ps4 and the camera.

About 70% already ready, here's hoping for a decent price for psvr.

ScorpiusX1539d ago

Oculus Rift for me , even with the Add -on cost of updating the PC . Its the one for me with it app aside from gaming.

R6ex1539d ago


All too expensive (or too underpowered ... unless you pay even moor to upgrade your system).

Versability1538d ago

If you can't afford a hardcore gaming one, you should at least grab a Viewmaster at Walmart. Only $20 and a good mix of entry level VR/AR using your Android or iPhone.

The consoles/computers are only necessary for VR gaming. Spherical 3D video and photos can be enjoyed on anything.

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