Platinum Recording Artist The Game Ranked #1 in Madden 09

The Game uses the Patriots and delivers a beat down on the Kaos' Giants. The Game's gamer tag is L-A-X on the PS3 and here is his profile page.

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Bombibomb3739d ago

That's nice. I'll tell my donkey about it.

DarkArcani3739d ago

Mine ran away 2 days ago. Im so sad.

clintos593739d ago

Please let your donkey kick u aswell. :)

DarkSniper3739d ago

Dark Sniper will personally send The Game and anyone else a loss in Madden 09. Dark Sniper combined with the powerful defensive prowess and Offensive firepower of the Green Bay Packers will defeat all comers.

Dark Sniper has no problem showing The Game that the New England Patriots are a bum team with an old and slow defense. Without Dante Stallworth on the other end, a smart defensive strategist can focus on containing Randy Moss while forcing Brady to find Wes Welker/Ben Watson. Which is something Dark Sniper's defense can contain.

After Dark Sniper embarrasses The Game in a Green Bay blowout victory, he'll drape a blue rag over his disappointed face and The Game will force him to call him CUZZ.


name3739d ago

Nice, he owns a ps3. ^_^

name3739d ago

Sigh, friends list is full.

name3739d ago

And @ sniper

Bears> Packers


DarkSniper3739d ago

That disagree under your post comes directly from Dark Sniper himself.

Packers > NFL


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The story is too old to be commented.