Cult Classics: PlayStation 2

Look out for more PS2 Cult Classics in the future, following a break for GDC. Well, Eurogamer didn't say how long the break would be. Finally, then, they return to complete their mission: to dig out the quirkiest and least-publicised gems in the PlayStation 2's monstrous back catalogue. Today and tomorrow Eurogamer will complete their mammoth rundown following parts one, two and three, published in February, as they turn the EG Retro light back on at the spearhead of a minor revival. Backward and onward!

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Maddens Raiders3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Smuggler's Run...such a fun old game.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3809d ago

Cult FAILURE: The Original xBox!!! ;-D

juuken3809d ago

That is one amazing system. So many years and it's still trucking along.
I think Sony should really consider PS2 remakes for the PS3. :)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3809d ago

+ In 10 years time you will be saying -

"That is one amazing system. So many years and it's still trucking along.
I think Sony should really consider PS3 remakes for the PS4. :) "

+I might as well come on this side to, i'm losing all my bubbles anyway!!! ;-D

juuken3809d ago

:( I wish I could give you a bubble.
Don't worry Ken, we shall prove the naysayers wrong in the following years to come. ^-^

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3809d ago

Thanks that's ok;) I'm still happy;)
Yeah like PS1 + PS2 the PS3 will be remembered Fondly;)
I'm playing PJ:Eden(Another brill PSN game)
+Uncharted(Bit late i know) God there is a bit where you look out into the Sunset and into the Sea and i said to well i can't say on this bit;-D
It Looked Amazing(Even on my SD:TV) ;-P Fancied jumping into the Sea for a swim, it was a big jump down tho;-D
+I still play Loads of PS2 games on my PS3;)
I'd like 'Ape Escape' for the PS3;-D So funny that game;)

juuken3809d ago

I have a list of PS3 games I must get that I didn't get before.
You will see me online soon! ^-^

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Yeah me to;) Need to do some catching up on games. Not much time and that. When i got my PS3 i still had 7 PS2 + 1 PS1;-D games to finish off. Done them all, so starting on the Big PS3 games now;-P
I'm a lot slower than the people on this;-D
It's a lovely Console the PS3;) Whatever other people say;-o

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pp3809d ago

since when did ps2 ever have any

AIi_The_Brit3809d ago

please pick up your fail and take it with you

not only did PS2 win the best console last gen

its also the best selling console of all time

and has the most games on any console of all time

if you took all the sales of the original xbox and all the sales of the xbox 360 it wouldnt even be a quarter of the sales of the PS2