Two Capcom-Xbox 360 rumors smashed

Two Capcom-Xbox 360 rumors have been crawling around the internet for the past couple (slow news) days, so before we get too many more tips about these non-stories, let's smash 'em!

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BIadestarX5450d ago (Edited 5450d ago )

"Rumor #1: Capcom Is Publishing SIX Xbox 360 games in 2007!
"It's unclear how Capcom is defining these games, if they're Capcom developed titles or games published by Capcom"
Rumor #2: God Hand and Okami Coming To Xbox 360!
Source: A Japanese PDF issued by Capcom with the words God Hand and Okami in close proximity to the words Xbox 360."
That's it? I though these "Two Capcom-Xbox 360 rumors" were going to be officially smashed by capcom. Instead we have someone trying to convince us that they are unlikely because they don't think is likely. I'm not saying this is true and honesly I can care less since I'm not a fan of any of those titles. The fact is that these will stay as [rumor] until they are officially smashed. Now we have a rumor of a rumor that indicates that these rumors were smashed. Great! More fire for the fanboys.

HaHa5450d ago

Quality titels should stay on quality consoles.

power of Green 5450d ago

Nothing was smashed this story's an attempt to attack MS. Why they let this guy post stories is beyond me.

TheMART5450d ago

Oh wait,

That's why

Gears of War
Alan Wake
Viva Piniata
Halo 3
Lost Planet
Forza 2

and more are only on 360! We all know where the real quality is, so this means PS keeps it's sh!t? Nice

power of Green 5450d ago

A company which tracks the availability of items at online stores says it has noticed a drop in demand for PlayStation 3. Rather than selling out, many consoles are being left unsold.

It seems that the outrageous bundles being forced on consumers by retailers have turned custom away. Ian Drake explained the difference his company had seen since the launch of Xbox 360.

"Last year, at, we tracked several one thousand dollar Xbox 360 bundles which would sell out in less than two minutes after becoming available," Drake told PWWeb. "Just today, a one thousand dollar (£507) PS3 bundle was in stock at for over 12 hours. This sort of thing didn't happen with the Xbox 360 until well after Christmas."

A quick visit to Ebay also shows that PlayStation 3 consoles just aren't as in demand as you might expect. With many consoles going for just over retail price rather than the riches the sellers may have hoped for. In fact it's really easy to get hold of a PlayStation 3 via the auction site,

"I think we're already at the point where many people won't pay a premium for the console or be forced into buying bundles," added Drake.

It seems there are plenty of people who would like a PlayStation 3, they just aren't willing to get ripped off when doing so

DJ5450d ago

Damn, that was low.

The Snake5450d ago

Well he did have a point, Mart just clarified it.

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Dusk5450d ago

doesn't smash anything. In the 2007 column, there are still 6 titles for the 360 and 3 titles for the PS3. Kotaku doesn't know what these titles are any more than we do.

beans5450d ago (Edited 5450d ago )

I could care less at the moment! The 360 currently has a huge lineup of games on the way with tons of unheard of titles that have not even been announced yet just like PS3 im sure! Capcom gave us Dead Rising (which by the way was a great game) and now were about to get Lost Planet which is a good enough sign for me to see that they have big plans for 360 in the future! Im also looking forward to Dead Rising 2 and hope that it goes above and beyond part one!

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