Steam Greenlight Hits A New Low By Featuring ISIS Execution Footage writes:

''*The actual footage DOES NOT FEATURE the actual beheading. The footage used is just before the actual beheading of Steve Sotloff*

As someone who has both criticised and praised Greenlight, the latest turd to hit the service has changed everything.''

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FasterThanFTL11532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

You do know the point of Greenlight is to precisely stop games like this from coming on the main store. You actually need your game to be approved by the community for it to get to Steam.

Greenlight is just the border crossing. It is upto us to reject/permit games to enter Steam.

PixelGateUk1532d ago

Well it's not to stop games is it? It's there for games to submitted and users to decide if they want it on stea or not.

Does that mean it shouldn't have a degree of moderation? And yes it is up to us to moderate it, which is partly why I highlighted this game.

I'm not expecting full blown moderation teams, just initial checks to avoid stuff this like even getting a place on the service. Then again, even Valve sees green light as problematic so maybe just don't care as long as those $100 are rolling in

FasterThanFTL11532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

If stuff like this gets approved by the community then there is no hope for humanity. Fortunately there are a lot of sensible people guarding the borders of Steam and this is as far as games like this will ever come to getting on Steam.

1nsomniac1531d ago Show
PixelGateUk1532d ago

I'd like to think so. I mean the game itself doesn't even look that bad, it's just the trailer. I just don't understand how someone could use that footage for promotional material. It just cheapens the service for genuine users looking for a break

cmgs1531d ago

Just to put things into perspective however, if somebody were to make a serious game about terrorism, inclusion of the material would be appropriate.

Rachel_Alucard1531d ago

I was laughing at the part where Drowning pool starts playing in the trailer like its some 13 years olds 2006 youtube Super mario 64 glitch video.

Lamboomington1531d ago

'Jihadi Jane'

lmao that picture xD