80Gb PS3 out on Friday in the UK, August 28 in Australia

VG247's received confirmation from a GameStation employee that the 80Gb PS3 is indeed out in the UK this Friday, August 22, as has been previously rumoured.

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HAZ33740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

If this is true, Sony must be desperate to combat the 60GB 360's momentum! As at the end of the day; the 360 is outstanding value, the PS3 is not.

For £180 you can get a 360 with 60GB HDD, Backwards compatibility, Ethernet cable, 3 USB ports, microphone, the largest selection of games, the best multiplatform games and cheaper DLC. You also get access to the greatest online network ever created. Xbox Live!

For £299 you can get a PS3 with 80GB HDD and 2 USB ports.

yanikins1113740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

oh lordy.

Either you are being sarcastic, or that is the stupidest post ive ever seen on n4g, and unfortunately, i am hinging my bets on the latter.

EDIT: Sorry, i just cant let it go. You get 3 usb ports because you need atleast one for the wireless adaptor you have to buy (i dont know many people with phone line ports next to their tv) and one for the aftermarket cooling devices you have to attache to get it to work for more than a month. And who even plays ps2 games on their B/C ps3's? I havent once. And i was planning on it. The ps2 actually has the largest selection of games, but granted you could just be talking about this gen, in which case, you can keep your bullet witch etc etc. I hope you enjoy them. The only multiplats that perform better on the 360 are 6 months old or more. Id also like to see figures that show live dlc is cheaper. Oh and we get access to live? Looking in a shop window isnt access. Enjoy your online play... oh wait.

The ps3, you get a free ethernet cable (wow we are really bragging about free ethernet cables? Remind me to neck myself after i finish writing this) an 80gb hard drive, inbuilt wifi, inbuilt optical output, free online gaming, access to a range of online agames including gta5P, pixel junk eden and monsters, warhawk. You can use bluetooth accessories with it, it looks better, is arguably the best bluray player on the market, AND it doesnt have a failure rate that makes it a joke.


Im becoming one of them. Stupidity IS contageous...

<necks self>

PirateThom3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

"For £199 (don't lie about the price) you can get a 360 with 60GB HDD, Backwards compatibility, Ethernet cable, 3 USB ports, microphone, the largest selection of games, the best multiplatform games and cheaper DLC. You also get access to the greatest online network ever created. Xbox Live (priced at £40)!"

For £299 you get a relaible PS3 with an 80GB HDD (with ability to upgrade to any size by the user), backwards compatibility with PSOne games (of which there are more of than XBox games), Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi included, recharable Dual Shock 3 controllers, 2 USB port, the largest selection of exclusive games, BETTER multiplatform games going forward, DLC that is actually priced properly (not using a ridiculous points system), free access to PSN and Blu-ray, the ability to use numerous third party USB and Bluetooth devices, ability to install Linux.

The 360 has two main advantage in the box - Component cable and Mic.

People aren't idiots, they know percieved value and the PS3 may cost more (which is lies, considering you don't have to pay for Wi-Fi, batteries/charge packs, online, but you do have to pay for an HDMI or component cable) and at a mere £100 more, PS3 offers more.

thor3740d ago

We're comparing RRPs, though, I'm sure you can find PS3s for less than £299.

kingboy3740d ago

it`s funny how you didn`t even mention that the playstation 3 offers a Blu Ray player for little or no cost

DevilVergilX3740d ago

First off I saw little BC on the xbox360 and "MORE" expensive DLC from what I saw, and they make you pay for internet which you already own(but it is a better service, even though its evening out soon)... Its also less reliable(freezing issues and over heating) compare to the ps3. And from what I saw of that "large game selection" was all third party games that were mediocre(only 4-5 good games). But I do give you 1 point for some multi-platforms better on the 360, but that gap is already shrinking because dev are getting used to producing games on the ps3. But both systems has there strengths and weakness and BOTH GREAT DEALS.

The Wood3740d ago

and free online........and reliable hardware........and more 1st party support..... and better media capabilities...... The only desperate thing here is your blatant attempt to downplay sony. Or maybe you're being sarcastic for real;)

clintos593740d ago

That is all I gotta say is, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA keep saying that buddy if it makes u sleep better. :P

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Liar3740d ago

Mike Bowden = pwned by HAZ3

wicked3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

I think this is a bit confusing, it's not the 80Gb model with all it's features. It's the 40Gb but with a bigger hard drive. Some people may buy this and be somewhat disappointed.

macsto3740d ago

Does the pal 80gb PS3s have BC? Coz i know the current 40s dont, glad i got a launch 60 :)

wicked3740d ago

No, it's the 40Gb model with 80Gb drive

thor3740d ago

It is really a shame that they have taken out all the backwards compatibility. I can understand why they did it; they asked a sample of the people with launch PS3s how often they used the BC, and the answer came back - not at all really.

But the truth is, people like to see that it is there, in _case_ they might want to use it. It's an easy sell for the PS3 - "get a PS3 you can play all your old games on it and some great new ones too" is better than "get a PS3, it doesn't play PS2 games but there's a great selection of new games for it".

They have taken it out to save a few $ on manufacturing costs, probably only a little amount considering how cheap PS2s are now, but IMHO it was a catastrophic error, and if they'd left it in, full BC I mean, none of this semi-emulation, the sales and popularity of the PS3 would be a lot higher today than it is.

Syronicus3740d ago

Have "maybe" played about two of the dozens of PS2 games I own on it. Sorry, but in the end, I do not buy a new console to play old games. I buy a new console to play the new games and if it plays old ones then great, if not, then oh-well.

thor3740d ago

I know. But I'm saying, that people WILL factor in BC in their console purchase. They won't use it, but it has affected sales by removing it. In people's minds, BC is important, but if they actually had the console they wouldn't end up using it much.

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