Tomb Raider Influenced Uncharted Series; Now the Tides Have Turned

There is no doubt about it that Tomb Raider influenced Uncharted in many different ways. After Tomb Raider saw quick success upon its first release back in 1996, the trend of exploration caught hold. It wasn’t until 10 years had passed when Uncharted popped up and commanded the attention of gamers.

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DirtyPete1539d ago

It is amazing how the pictures look; Nathan drake looks like Lara's big brother in the pictures. I wonder if that was intentional at all...

-Ikon-1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Actually the old Lara games played nothing like the first 3 uncharteds..

Uncharted is its own beast until the reboot lara and rise came along..

Reboot Lara ripped of Uncharted not the other way around.. anyone who says otherwise hasnt played a lara game pre 2009

-Foxtrot1538d ago

There's people who actually believe that Tomb Raider has always been like the reboot's hilarious.

jasonismoney1538d ago

Gotta agree. The people at Naughty Dog have never, to my knowledge, said anything about being inspired by Tomb Raider. And they would if they were.
The TR reboot was a huge rip-off (not saying that's a bad thing), but if you pay attention, they also pay tribute within the game to ND.

DARKKENT1538d ago

Crystal dynamics should never have copied uncharted imo..

They should have retained the old formula which served tomb raider so well and garnered millions of fans..

Now it's lost its identity.. I enjoyed ROTR but couldn't get past the feeling this game is trying to damn hard to be uncharted with TLOU elements thrown in.. Soo many times in the game I got deja vu.. Which spoiled my enjoyment at times

I'd say crystal dynamics scouted every inch of uncharted and TLOU to make the last two tomb raider games

But They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

UltraNova1538d ago


"But They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

Is it?

When you used to be the founder of a genre and you end up coping the supposed copycat, what do you call that?

I haven't played the RotTR but I played the original reboot beating it twice. There were many moments were I thought to myself oh that's straight from Uncharted, especially those cinematic near-saves...

Crystal Dynamics should have kept the old formula as the DNA and simply evolve TR to something even better.

One statement that makes sense if you played old TRs and the modern versions is "What do you call a game called Tomb Raider that has not tombs to raid?" That's exactly how much they deviated on the reboot in an effort to take the spot from Uncharted.

That said what do I know, CD must know better, right? I sure hope so.

DARKKENT1538d ago


that's the saying is it not?

Guess you missed the part where I state CD imo should never have copied uncharted

Impossible not to play the new tomb raiders and not see uncharted sprinkled over every little of the game..

Now tomb raider is actually NOT tomb raider

But uncharted with a female protagonist Which is a mind f**k when to think about it

Bring back the old formula imo

zidane13411538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Some of these complaints are ridiculous. Tomb raider reboot was open world, and had Zelda like exploration. Uncharted is linear as hell. And rise of the tomb raider has many more mechanics then any uncharted single player game has had. The last two tomb raider games were damned good. How can anybody say that uncharted didn't rip off tomb raider, but tomb raider ripped off uncharted? That's asinine fanboy thinking, to the max.

UltraNova1538d ago


I guess you missed the part where I wasn't questioning your opinion, since we share the same.

I was questioning the saying you used to reiterate that it wasn't so accurate anymore since CD copied the alleged copycat, there was no flattery in the end.

Septic1538d ago

Its Tomb Raider that copied Uncharted more. Uncharted of course adopted Tomb Raider's premise but it incorporated Gears of War style cover combat which it really popularised, which Gears got for .killswitch (or whatever the name was).

But the UC formula has worked wonders for TR, which has also added its own take of things with tighter combat and a more open ended approach. No need to complain?

Khaotic1538d ago

If anyrhimg inspired Naughty Dog it was Indiana Jones. Its quite obvious to me

b163o11538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

The way I see it is, no one knew what direction to take TR in until Uncharted came out, they waited to see if there was high potential to this IP and basically cloned it....

S/N Everyone is saying that Drake is supposed to die at the end of UC4, but I don't think he will, I see Drake being severely injured, to a point where he can't go on treasure hunts anymore. I don't think they'll kill him off, just retire his jersey

Corpser1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Tomb raider '96 was pretty much THE third person blockbuster shooter, you climb ledges, solve puzzles, how can anyone not see the influence? Read the reviews of uncharted 1, they ALL compare it to tomb raider

Here's the first sentence of the gamespot review
"Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is not a game about new ideas. The gameplay can and has been summed up as "Tomb Raider meets Gears of War,""

Sevir1538d ago

I prefer tomb raider in its current formula... after playing the old original TR games made by Core Designs I'm glad Crystal took the liberty to put this old and dying IP back on the map and thrusting it back to revalancy...

awi59511538d ago


Winback did cover shooting before killswitch did.

DARKKENT1538d ago


My saying still stands... Why

Because just like ikon said.. The old lara games plays nothing like the first 3 uncharteds.. But the tomb raider reboots are uncharted just with a different skin..

Therefore as the saying goes to be kind to CD 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'

ShinMaster1538d ago

Uncharted is much more influenced by Indiana Jones than Tomb Raider.

Before the reboot, the treasure hunting premise was the only thing they had in common. But core gameplay, characters and story were very different.

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, Kill.Switch, Winback, etc
All did Third-Person cover shooting before Gears of War.
Also Uncharted was revealed before Gears of War came out.

kraenk121538d ago

Agreed...i think Indiana Jones was much more of an influence than the TR games.
In terms of humor and likeable characters as well.

windblowsagain1538d ago

I have played every tombraider and uncharted game.

They are nothing alike imo.

I actually preferred the old Tomb-raiders because they felt natural and like a real adventure.

As for Uncharted, 1&2 are easily the best ones.

Channel-Live1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

All you fools crying about TR should have kept the old formula need to shut up. The franchise was near extinction because of the "OLD FORMULA." The reboot revitalized the franchise because of the path ND created. TR was the original concept and ND took it to another level. Crystal Dynamics made an amazing game by following ND's lead. If they didn't, Tomb Raider would be non existent or a shadow of it's former self.

Channel-Live1538d ago

BTW, I don't believe Drake will die at the end of Uncharted 4 like everyone thinks. Just because they reiterated that this is the final adventure for Drake and it would be impossible for him to continue after this seems like his demise, I doubt it. I honestly think we will see a time lapse of Drake getting old after this adventure. They will show him as an older man. I wouldn't be surprised if his son takes over after this.

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miyamoto1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Instead of aping Uncharted, I think Crystal Dynamics should have upped Lara Croft's bombastic-ness by ten times over the top instead of watering her down to a melodramatic why-so-serious character.

That is the Lara Croft I know.

TricksterArrow1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

One of my favorite adventures with her is when she was 16, Tomb Raider Chronicles. She is in a haunted island and cannot use weapons aside from some mystical items. I wish the reboot went this route while upping the gameplay...

ravens521538d ago

Use to play tombraider on ps1. Great games. Anyway dont the reboots take place prior to her becoming an actual tombraider? She wasn't one in the first reboot she was young n jus starting out. Haven't played the second but I can't wait till it comes to ps4. I beat all drakes as well. I admit it took elements. But maybe they'll get back to tombs after the 2nd or in the 2nd, idk.

lxeasy1538d ago

I thought we established this back in 2013, these articles or opinions are old.

DeadManMMX1538d ago

Lara has a variety of outfits in the game. This is also just a product of changes in game design and movies over the years. How practical is it for her to wear short shorts climbing around and spelunking in caves. Nathan Drake wears the same jeans and shirt in every game. People see what they want to see.

The_BlackHeart__1538d ago

A crazy guy with a cocky attitude that can jump and is accompanied by a mystical old character and a blonde. Where did I see that before?


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PixelGateUk1539d ago

hope i can lock a Butler in a freezer in Uncharted 4

-Foxtrot1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I think influence is different from taking huge chunks of it.

Only thing you can say about Uncharted to Tomb Raider is how it's platforming and they are both treasure hunters. Although even then Drake is more of a Thief doing it for adventure, money and the rush he gets of "cheating death" while Lara is a little different. It#'s basically where the similarities end for the two franchises.

However the reboot basically took Uncharted and copied it, except instead of chapters we have hubs and the illusion of "survival" despite gameplay features like tons of ammo/weapons and regen health over med kits say other wise. You also have small RPG elements of levelling up and the like but apart from that huge chunks of Uncharted was taken by CD for Tomb Raider. In the end you can't say it's just a little bit influenced by Uncharted when it borrows so much. Least ND back then were most likely a little influenced and did their own thing, at the time though they wer emore inspired with their new IP being cinematic and looking at Adventure films like Indiana Jones. Hell the reboot felt like Uncharted on steroids at times, the amount of times Lara escaped with her life in those "lucky near death" and "holy shit that was close" moments compared to Drake in all three games.

rdgneoz31538d ago

Yah, if you look at the original TR games, they are nothing like the reboots ( ). The reboots are more like Uncharted than they are their predecessors.

You could say Uncharted was influenced by TR (treasure hunter), but he plays more like Indiana Jones than Lara Croft (and Indi was around before Croft) and has an actual story like Indi. Also, it's a third person shooter platformer that came from a company that made several platformers (Crash and Jak).

Lennoxb631538d ago

"the illusion of "survival" despite gameplay features like tons of ammo/weapons and regen health over med kits say other wise."

You can tweak how many weapons and how much ammo you get. You can also turn regenerating health off. Please play the game first.

-Foxtrot1538d ago

Is that the main way to play? The way it was originally made? No it wasn't...tweaking things to suit you don't count

Lennoxb631538d ago

It changes based on the difficulty setting you choose, so yes, that is the way its meant to be played.

seppo911538d ago

Is it? Is it on the Normal difficulty? I don't think so.
That's like saying The last of us was meant to be played without HUD just because that is an option in ONE of the harder difficulties.

Milkandcookies1539d ago

Funny how artists can bounce off each other's work like that. Gaming is a great medium to see homages and tributes. Fun read.

guywazeldatatt1538d ago

very thought provoking! I always thought Uncharted was like Indiana Jones reimagined, but, never thought that way of Tomb Raider. I still haven't gotten through Rise of the Tomb Raider, but I'm finding a lot combat in its predecessor; I actually enjoy the exploration and puzzles so much more in the game though.