An RPG Series That Should Never Be Forgotten: Lunar

Old-school role-playing fans will probably remember this name with a great fondness but unfortunately, nowhere near enough people played it back then.

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Miraak82 1530d ago

I was hoping that it would have come to the ps3 with the ps1 classics but never did :(

DivineAssault 1530d ago

Lunar series needs a sequel.. 1 & 2 were great

Death1530d ago

One of my favorite from the Saturn/PS1 era. I'm not sure a sequel is needed. If they could capture the look and feel of the first I would love it. I'm not sure todays audience would receive it the same way. Lunar was very linear by design, but told the story very well. Story driven games don't seem to be as successful today which is a shame.

Shinuz1530d ago

Well just look at the indie rpg's on steam, most of them seem to do quite well and to my knowledge they are all pretty much story based.

nyobzoo1530d ago

Sadly it did, it was Dragons Song and it was awful. But I agree that it should receive another game for the current gen.

jashtheflash1530d ago

One of my favorite PS1 rpgs, where are my PSN releases?

SmokingMonkey1530d ago

Loved collecting that suit of armor (must be upgraded to be worth a damn.) and the Cockatrice.

stamps16461530d ago

Lunar: The Silver Star- This was my first JRPG that I really fell in love with and still play to this day. The Characters, Story, Music and Cut-scenes were wonderful. I have this on the Sega CD, PS1 and the PSP.

Lunar Eternal Blue- was another great new story in the Lunar universe. I was always hoping for a Directors Cut similar to Lunar Silver Stary Harmony.

I wanted this to be a huge series, like the scale of Final Fantasy, too bad that never happened.