Dragon Quest Builders Demo for PS4 and PS Vita Now Available on Japanese PSN

If you want to try out Dragon Quest Builders before its release in Japan on January 28th, now you can. All you need is a Japanese PSN account.

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never4get1534d ago

Demo making a comeback! More Demo please! Greatness!

TheColbertinator1534d ago

Getting around the menu is hopefully not too hard

Abriael1534d ago

I'm playing it now. Just past the tutorial, so far so good :D

miyamoto1534d ago

Nice to know that can't wait to go home and try it.

Thatguy-3101534d ago

Truly hope they do bring this to the west. I'm playing it but it's hard understanding what to do because eof the Japanese text lol seems charming and intriguing.

-Foxtrot1534d ago

I hope this is good, it looks way better then Minecraft...basically what Minecraft should have evolved into with updates

WeAreLegion1534d ago

It's right at the store front when you first get in. Just scroll down once and you'll find it. 419 MB.

itsjustexuma1534d ago

*creates Japanese PSN account just for this*

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