Evil Genome New 2.5D Metroidvania Adventure Steam Inbound

Carl Williams writes, "Okay, just being a 2.5D Metroidvania style game is not enough to capture the attention of modern gamers. No, there has to be something more. Evil Genome is hoping it has what action adventure fans are yearning for as it continues development. Eventually we will see Evil Genome on Steam and Kickstarter but for now we only have the demo reel that XY Games have released. What a demo reel it is. A lot of gameplay is shown off and the sprawling levels are showcased early on. That boss at the end though. Man, that brought back memories of the better 16/32-Bit games."

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Vhampir1538d ago

Looks a lot like Bloodrayne Betrayal

zpoc1537d ago

shitty character design