The PS4's Tomorrow Children Looks Beautifully Bizarre

"With minutes to spare, I jumped into the Tomorrow Children closed beta this morning. I didn’t have enough time to get my head around Q Games’ Communist-kitsch, co-op, resource-mining/town-building game, but I did have time to grab some screens. The closed beta will resume in the coming days. I’ll definitely be playing."Stephen Totilo

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tanukisuit1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I got into the beta, but unfortunately the time frames/dates aren't very accommodating. I got to play for a good 1 hour today (felt like 20 minutes) and there is so much to do. I had my doubts about the controls and online connectivity, but everything was so smooth! Love the art style and soviet-era charm.

For those still wondering, you work with fellow online players to advance your town (either building defenses or things that boost moral, productivity, etc). Along the way you earn badges, money, etc. which you use to buy stuff for your avatar. Yes, you can visit other towns/hubs, and yes, you can buy your own home. I didn't get far, and I don't think everything was available in this beta, but that's what I know of it so far.

Darkfist1531d ago

i love the art style, but i hate multiplayer only online social games

SniperControl1531d ago

Yeah, same here, was looking forward to this game alot, but it's a no buy for me now.

HaveAsandwich1531d ago

3am to 7am? wtf is that about....

Elda1531d ago

Tried the beta today,I just like the art style but I just couldn't get into this type of game.I'll pass.

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The story is too old to be commented.