Rise of the Tomb Raider - Two New Screenshots Released, GTX970 Recommended For High Settings & 60FPS

Square Enix has released two new screenshots for the PC version of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Rise of the Tomb Raider releases on January 28th and while Square Enix has not revealed the game’s recommended specs, NVIDIA has revealed the GPUs that will be required in order to enjoy the title with 60fps average at High settings.

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ShadowKnight1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

GTX 970 to run it at 60FPS in High settings according to Nvidia

DarkOcelet1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

The Recommended requirements in games for Ultra 1080p/60fps are certainly increasing.

It wont be long until we see a GTX 980 become the recommended GPU to run on Ultra 1080p/60fps.

Also a 980Ti to to play the game at 2560×1440/60fps is not bad.

Hopefully we get a card soon that can play most modern games at Ultra 4K/60fps.

ShadowKnight1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

That's exactly what I got a GTX 980 and an I7-6700k

ShadowKnight1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I'm sure a lot of old GPUs will be able to run it in medium settings because the minimum setting are really low. I'm still shocked by the minimum settings.

FasterThanFTL11534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

A single Overclocked 980 Ti can already play all modern games at least 3k/60fps and many games at 4k/60fps. We will need a card 25% faster to play them all at 4k/60fps. Which mostly probably will be the 1080 Ti.

3k = 3325x1871

ShadowKnight1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I think your right @FasterthanFTL1

As far as I know, Pascal should be launched as early as Q4 2016.There's a strong possibility of an 8 GB GTX 1080 and a 12 GB GTX 1080 Ti certainly cannot be ruled out. As far as resolution is concerned, 4K will be the high-end standard. For VRAM, the way I look at it:

GTX 1060 = 4 GB
GTX 1070 = 6 GB
GTX 1080 = 8 GB
GTX 1080 Ti = 12 GB
GTX TITAN (next one) = 24 GB

DarkOcelet1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )


Those are some pretty good GPU/CPU combo you got there :)


A single Overclocked 980 Ti cant run Witcher 3 at Ultra with Hairworks On at 4K/60fps.

Most Benchmarks were at 25fps at 4K with Hairworks On.

980Ti is an excellent card for 2K/60fps for everything at Ultra. But not for 4K.

I want a card that can run The Witcher 3 at Ultra with Hairworks On at 4K/60fps.

Hopefully Pascal/Greenland GPU does that.

Genova841534d ago

The last tomb raider scaled well in xfire and sli, hopefully same holds true with this one. So many games aren't making use of my 2nd 980ti. It's a shame. AC Syndicate in 4k at 25-33 FPS with everything up is just disappointing.

kevnb1534d ago

depends how far they scale the graphics, witcher 3 wont run at 60 fps on a 970 maxed out but scales pretty well. The 970 is a pretty popular card, I think its a good target for maximum settings.

FasterThanFTL11534d ago

You said most modern games at Ultra/4k/60fps and now you want a card that plays The Witcher 3 at Ultra/4k/60fps. Make up your mind.

The Witcher 3 is one of the most if not the most demanding game on PC and you would need a card twice as fast as a 980 Ti to play it at Ultra/4k/60fps with Hairworks on, which is just not realistically possible for at least a couple of years. The only solution is SLI.

Genova841534d ago

I got roughly 50 FPS at 4k in TW3, hairworks on, but not all the way up and no AA using my 980ti sli setup. I'm happy with that, as the game runs butter smooth.

ABizzel11534d ago

Ultra always seems to be way more demanding then what is actually being rendered in comparison to High settings.

1534d ago
ginsunuva1534d ago

My 680 was an absolute overkill monster a couple years ago...

Now it's low-medium settings.

mikeslemonade1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

The best way to game on PC is to keep buying the NVIDIA 80 series. Keep buying the new 80 and then sell the old 80. That's how you stay Ultra max settings all the time.

XhiXExtreme1534d ago

You got it wrong
MAXWELL is done and Pascal will replace the possible 1000 series

The predictions are as follows according to most leads:

GTX 1070 = 16GB
GTX 1080 = 16GB
GTX 1080 TI = 32GB
GTX Titan next = 32GB

Bolts1534d ago

There's much irony in naming a 4K card in the series a 1080. I care how their branding scheme goes. The 1080 moniker just sounds wrong.

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Orionsangel1533d ago

I have a GTX 960 4gb. I'm sure I can run it on the same settings really well.

crazychris41241534d ago

Lets hope it runs well on AMD hardware too

Zarock1534d ago

Finally a game that will use my 980ti.

wh0am11534d ago

still waiting for my PS4 version

Rayven1534d ago

Yeah. Although looking at those screenshots, I kinda wish I'm part of the master race now, but good pcs are to expensive for me.

wh0am11529d ago

my old computer can barely run the witcher 2 on medium/low settings

Pancit_Canton1533d ago

Yeah. I'm sure there's not hardly any difference between the PS4 version and Ultra high settings on the PC. Just a slight boost on the framerate and resolution.

mochachino1534d ago

Well I have a GTX 970 so I should be good.

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