Yandere Simulator Banned From Twitch

Indie game in development Yandere Simulator has been banned from popular streaming service Twitch without any notice or communication of why.

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SpiralTear1536d ago

Game's pretty campy based on the early build I played. I guess something must've concerned Twitch in later updates. Lame that they aren't explaining anything to the dev.

PancakeLova1535d ago

A considerable amount of lameness

overrated441536d ago

He said on twitter he's not doing anything about it right now because they refuse to hold a dialog with him, but it seems people are pretty unhappy about it and are expressing that on social media (Twitter).

Dark_Overlord1535d ago

Twitch are hypocritical and pathetic, they ban games for pathetic reasons, yet if it's a AAA game they overlook any rules it breaks.

Zarock1535d ago

Soo true yet the witcher 3 with its sex scenes are allowed. Plus they support racist emotes.

Ferrethat221535d ago

They ban this but not Witcher 3?


Kalebninja1525d ago

The witcher 3 isn't about murdering other students and pushing them to suicide.

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