Fallout 4 - Upcoming Console Mods, Info, and Possible Release Date

Possible release date for Xbox One and PS4, along with information on how the process of modding on consoles will work.

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barb_wire1535d ago

In other words - you have no idea when console mods will drop. First Q1 2016 goes all the way to April and knowing Bethesda and their chummy relationship with MS it could be the summer or even later when the PS4 get the mods.

TBH I don't even know if I'll still have FO4 come the summer, this game certainly isn't holding my attention like FO3/NV did.

kneon1535d ago

I never sell my games so I'll still have it, but if a game isn't worth replaying without mods then there is no mod will make me play it again.

Thefreeman0121535d ago

I'd rather have DLC, PC mods already exist.

Null1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

.....what? That is the second most retarded thing I've read today and it's only 9:27 AM. So you'd rather pay for Bethesda quality DLC (including bugs) than getting more than that for free? Lol, Todd is that you?

Also, this is about mods on CONSOLES.

Thefreeman0121535d ago

How many Fallout 4 story mods are there? most mod support is graphical/technical changes. Excuse me for wanting more content.

1535d ago