Wonder Woman Has Tons of Video Game Potential

Wonder Woman is finally getting a feature film, but a game starring her has tons of potential.

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Zotaku871534d ago

With how successful and high-quality the Arkham games have been (for the most part), I'm honestly surprised we haven't seen more modern video games in that vein for other superheroes like Supes and Wonder Woman.

Game4Next1533d ago

Platinum Games Bayonetta-Style Wonder Woman Game.

Milkandcookies1534d ago

Wonder Woman the game: Uncharted meets Tomb Raider meets Skyrim. I'd play that.

Godmars2901533d ago

More like God of War meets Uncharted. While I could see a Wonder Woman game involving exploration, some artifact hunting and thinking around puzzles more associated with current TR, things would mostly be about beating the crap out of mythical monsters, goons and supervillians.

GigawattConduit1533d ago

It'd be great if DC stealth released a Wonder Woman game just in time for the movie to hit. Just pull a Fallout 4.

chrisx1533d ago

Rocksteady or Platinum games should Handle it

level 3601532d ago

A cross between Tomb Raider/Bayonetta would be great with a Wonder Woman game.