The Witcher 3 Expansions Changing the Way Game Industry Looks at DLC

Game of the Year in 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has since changed the way the industry looks at open world RPGs and you can bet that within the next few years we will see a surge of RPGs that follow a formula similar to it. The Witcher’s effect on the gaming industry, however, doesn’t stop there.

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Imp0ssibl33071d ago

CD Project rocks, enough said.

nowitzki20043070d ago

One of the few developers that make me feel that they are truly there for the gamers. I appreciate CD Projekt Red, and the magical work they do.

Paytaa3070d ago

They're probably the most important dev that should never be bought out by a large publisher. Maybe they're the catalyst to get gaming ethics back on track because they're doing every gamer right.

It's a sad reality when classic game developer ethics are a luxury.

The Witcher 3 was the first game in a long time where I felt I got way more than $60 worth and the letter of appreciation inside made me realize there are AAA developers who still give a damn.

Best game this generation so far in my opinion.

_-EDMIX-_3070d ago

no...........no its not. lolz.

"major AAA games like Rise of the Tomb Raider (which ran about 25.5 hours to complete), Call of Duty: Black Ops III (which ran 19.3 hours) and Halo 5: Guardians (which ran 14.3 hours)"

Why are you comparing other non-RPG titles in regards to time?

Many RPGS with expansions have them around that time...

If you consider all of Fallout 3's DLC is longer then MOST GAMES that are not RPGs, its not anything to write home about, its actually quite normal....

Play other RPGs with expansions and you'll find what your actually talking about in terms of non-Japanese RPGs is quite normal with expansions...

Rayven3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

I think the point of the article is that Witcher 3 not only gives you great price to time value, it is also excellent in story-telling and game design. The fact is, game developers should put in the same time and effort CDPR gives to their games. And this should apply to all game genres that attempt to tell stories, not only RPGs.

_-EDMIX-_3070d ago

"developers should put in the same time and effort CDPR gives to their games"

I mean...do you just think that some developers make RPGs just not caring?

Its subjective, I'm pretty sure the directors, writers, designers etc of other titles don't just go in not caring about their work.

Its just unproven and not even something tangible.

I mean you kinda have to factor that its an RPG. Based on time and length, RPGs have more time to tell you a story vs other genres where they have to have way better pacing.

Take The Last Of Us.

I don't just say or think that other developers merely don't care or put as much "effort" because The Last Of Us is a great game, merely that its one of many great games.

You nor I actually know what other developers go through when they are creating their games, I just can't say they are not putting in "effort" and I've played The Witcher series since the very first game.

The value in the time is only a value if its actually good vs filler.

Mind you, I feel that way about all RPGs, if I'm playing past 100 hours, its because I like what I'm playing, but MOST of the RPGs I've played in the last few years have been well over 100 hours.

So that might be more so geared towards RPGs.

Rayven3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

It looks like you still don't understand the point. The article nor do I believe that all games should be as long as The Witcher 3. It's the quality that matters and having a long play time is another excellent factor in considering how much of a great game it is.

And the reason that play time was mentioned was because witcher 3's dlc story is actually longer than the campaign or story of a lot of games. Note that I said story, not including, in your words, filler. I looked it up for you, hearts of stone is 10 hours, +4 with "fillers."

The last of us was great as it had a perfect amount of play time compared to its story, but do you think halo 5 gave people a satisfactory campaign both in terms of story and play time? How about the order 1886? I'm not saying every game aside from from witcher 3 sucks, what I'm saying is the game is a model that future games should follow instead of the current unsatisfactory main game to make way for dlc trend.

Rayven3070d ago

And btw, I looked up the play time of fallout 3's dlcs, they have an average play time of 3 hours each;


_-EDMIX-_3070d ago

"And the reason that play time was mentioned was because witcher 3's dlc story is actually longer than the campaign or story of a lot of games."

What I stated...

"Why are you comparing other non-RPG titles in regards to time?"

Have you not factored that Fallout 3's DLC combined is still longer then most games campaigns?

Yet why choose Fallout 3?

New Vega's DLC combined is longer then many games released as well...


sooooooo that isn't some new concept, that is sorta a moot point as RPGs generally are longer games...

Consider some first areas and parts of RPGs are longer then most games.

That isn't a concept created by Witcher 3, new to Witcher 3, exclusive to Witcher 3 etc.

I mean...how many articles are telling you about this?





Know why? Well its because like I've stated before....its actually the norm.

" what I'm saying is the game is a model that future games"????

What on earth are you talking about? The developer is following a model that was started and established BEFORE they even entered gaming. They are NOT the first to do this. Its starting to sound like MOST who are in aw and shock of Witcher 3's expansions actually don't game outside of console or just never played lots of RPGs to know just how normal this actually is.


The expansion to that game too was longer then most games and around the same hours as the Witcher 3 expansion we are talking about. Know why its not "changing da game"? Know why its not the "future" of how folks make DLC? Because it is the current norm of the industry already and has been for a very, very long time.

That isn't Biowares first RPG expansion...

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Two-Face3070d ago

Heart of Stone was better experience than many other full games I have played the past year.

Takwin3070d ago

It legitimately could be a top 10 game from 2015, along with The Witcher 3, which was my #1 (last year and all time).

Shillmeister3070d ago

Funnily enough, CD Projekt RED are changing the industries perception and thoughts on DLC by going back to how it use to be: proper full expansions, with fresh new content, at great value for the gamer. This on top of giving away free content post-release!

_-EDMIX-_3070d ago

Because we never got free content before?

Because a RPG has never released an expansion before?

I mean......how old are some of you? lolz

tablecloth3070d ago

Dude take a chill pill, you misread too much. lolz

Dark_Crow3070d ago

Because it is no longer the norm.

How old are you and do you live under a rock that you haven't noticed the changes in the industry.

_-EDMIX-_3070d ago

@Table-irrelevant and OT.

@Dark_Crow- actually it has been the norm.

RPGs have released with expansions pretty much since we've had RPGs....

Dragon Age, Baldur's Gate, Diablo, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Neverwinternights, Fable, Divinity series, Mass Effect....but no, its not the norm huh?

Explain what you mean bud? How has it changed? When did we not get expansions with RPGs?

Has Mass Effect not released expansions?

Has Dragon Age not released expansions?

Elder Scrolls?


Divinity series?

Is Obsidian not doing an expansion for pillars of eternity?

Sooooo let me guess, they are doing expansions now on that game due to Witcher 3 changing the game huh bro?

Explain how its not the norm. Saying "its no longer the norm" doesn't actually cut it bud, stop being vague and actually really explains how suddenly no RPG developer was doing this as a long time RPG gamer, no....

That is untrue and for a mater of fact other teams have been and are still currently doing expansions.

Many have been doing free DLC even before CDPR's existence....

If we are going to say they did something right, lets say what they are doing right...not making up what others are or are not doing when for a fact its still the norm of RPGs.

mep693070d ago

No, CD Project are just making digital expansion. Which is all dlc should be. That is how it was before dlc and consoles (starting with the xbox 360) ruined it.

Aenea3070d ago

Huh? Digital as opposed to physical???

Don't get what you mean...

mep693070d ago

well, before people had decent internet they made expansions for game that needed them and they were always justified. Now we have dlc it's just any random crap they can churn up. But CD Project have stuck to the old way of making a proper expansion but distributing it digitally.