Nintendo France: more sales data (games, amiibo), plans for 2016

As reported by Le Figaro, 2015 was a rather calm year for Nintendo compared to 2014 (which had Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, among others). Still, sales didn’t drop as much as you’d expect in France:
-Nintendo 3DS: 685 000 units sold (-6%)
-Wii U: 228 000 units sold (-4%)

For the Nintendo 3DS, it’s pretty clear that the launch of the New Nintendo 3DS, back in February, helped limit the drop in sales. But Software also played a big role, especially “old” games such as Mario Kart 7. Released back in 2011, it sold over 225 000 units in 2015, and was the 8th best-selling game in France. Same for New Super Mario Bros. 2, released in 2012, which sold an additional 180 000 units.

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