GamersPlatform Review Xam'd Lost Memories: Episode 3

"Xam'd episode 3 opens with Haru in the hospital, seemingly sneaking around at night. She comes upon a room and hears a voice, it turns out to be that of the white haired girl from episode 1. She says something about Xam'd being alive, though we don't much more from her. We quickly find out that she died sometime shortly after, and that she wasn't the only one. As it was alluded to in episode 1, she was a member of a cult of some kind, Ruikonism.

We learn that there were other white haired girls who were also involved in explosions in other places, and once again we get a bit more to this mysterious plot. We then rejoin Akiyuki on the airship, he seems to be ok but is bandaged up, seems being Xam'd doesn't make him immune to pain. The needle placed in him is called an Exsanguination needle, and it's what keeps him alive, and from transforming back..."

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Homicide3716d ago

I love this anime. Definitely enjoyable and entertaining. I recommend this to any anime fan.