60 Gig Xbox 360 On Sale Now In Australia: Offers triple the storage for same price

From XboxOZ360:

"Xbox is giving consumers more gigabytes for their dollar - the Xbox 360 Pro console now comes with triple the storage space of the original 20GB Pro console, but at the same recommended retail price of $499 (RRP*). The new units are shipping into Australian retail stores as of today."

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XboxOZ3603741d ago

Now you can see the idiot pricing of Rock Band 1 for $AU520 compared to the new 6ogig SKU for just $AU499. At least we get the SKU's now .

gaminoz3741d ago

I'd be tempted to get this 60 gig model and sell my Halo console but I know from previous experience that all my previously downloaded content will be useless offline. I'd have to be plugged into the internet all the time for my purchased arcade games and extra levels and gamerpics to work, and that's just too annoying.

Great price though!!!!

Superfragilistic3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

You can transfer your licenses from one 360 to another so it's no longer an issue. :)

You can even watch Major Nelson give a layman video guide! lol

You might have to buy one after all ;)

gaminoz3741d ago

Really??? Wow. Thanks for that I'll have to look into it. Damn now I might have to look into it. Anyone want a Halo console?

Hunter863741d ago

Wow thats pretty awesome. Sucks to be anyone who bought a pro console recently.

XboxOZ3603741d ago

But that's true of everything really. We can't expect companies to rebate us when they upgrade product. Or change their Hardware as they improve it. It's just a calculated risk in retail life really.

A friend works at Apple, so if she knows of anything likely to change soon (they are always told last - that's just how it is) she tells customers that if they don't mind waiting, then they should as here could be a new hardware release soon

This has worked in her favour, as customers have come back rather than goe somewhere else that would just sell the item (current stock) to them with no worries. Thing is, in gaming hardware, it's hard to say when something may well be released. or have a price drop. It's all speculative at best. It was suggested that Nov would be the time the 60 gig unit would drop, and here it is early August and we have them already.

SO you just have to grin an bear it mate, it's a fact of life that is true in every retail area.

Immortal Kaim3741d ago

I really need a bigger HDD, come on MS drop the price.......

Superfragilistic3741d ago

Will imported 120G ones work here?

gaminoz3741d ago

I've wondered that myself...

PirateThom3741d ago

I'd like to say "yes" since it's just a laptop hard drive in a plastic case... so I will. It's completely compatible, same with any 360 peripheral.

XboxOZ3603741d ago

Yes it does, no difference in them they format when you fit them to your 360 . .

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360rxorz3741d ago

Haha, 360 will win Australia. Why would anybody want to buy a PS3 when you can buy the better console for cheaper and with the same storage? Ha, nobody except for Sony droids.

nieto3741d ago

win because now they have the same storage? you could easily upgrade the HDD of your PS3 with any sata it's not like the x360 that it's proprietary you know.
and the ps3 still has free online and blu-ray drive...

bots try to find any excuse to claim victory but the true is that the X360 it's a piece of crap that that could go RRoD in any moment. LOL ;-)

user8586213741d ago

yh why buy our console when u can buy a console that can giv u all this

1.) racists online
2.) overheating
3.) 3 years free warranty lmao haha!!
4.) exact same game on pc except better!!
5.) rip off price for accessories ermmm 120gb £120 haha eat my ass!!
6.) RROD
7.) download exclusives!! omg!! fck actual game exclusives get 2mb downloads man!! its worth it!!
8.) lagging dashboard
9.) enough noise from the fan to wake the neighbours lmao haha

should i carry on???


Time for you idiots to start saving your money for a 720 . thats right ( FIRESALE ) . Time to put a 720 sticker in the front so the same idiots can buy it . I really dont know wtf the bots are so happy about . There has never been any significant change on these xbots except for the sticker on the front and they think they have one hell of a console . Do you mfkers ever take a look at the ugly looking piece of shil..thats right nothing but minimal upgrade.

n4gzz3741d ago

I have 360 and PS3. 360 machine is way inferior than PS3. But 360 does have some quality games. So does PS3. That's why i have both. I don't use online feature of 360 that much. I am just waiting to expire my online subscription and Not renewing it anymore. I like free PSN. Looking forward to fable 2, gears2, resistance 2, LBP for this year.

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