Surprise, surprise: U.S. broadband is slow. Really slow.

A file that takes four minutes to download in South Korea would take nearly an hour and a half to download in the U.S. using the average bandwidth. Japanese users leaves U.S. users behind with an eye-popping 63.60 Mb/s download link. This means that Japanese can download an entire movie in just two minutes, as opposed to two hours or more here in the U.S. Just in case you are wondering: No, Japanese users do not pay more for their broadband connections. In fact, U.S. broadband cost is among the highest in the world.

Japan dominates international broadband speed with a median download speed of approximately 63 Mb/s, more than enough to stream DVD-quality video with surround audio in real time. Next on the list is South Korea where download speeds achieve an average of 49.50 Mb/s. Finland and France follow with 21.70 Mb/s and 17.60 Mb/s, respectively. Canada ranked eighth with an average download speed of 7.60 Mb/s. The U.S. came in 15th with 2.35 Mb/s.

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TitanUp4850d ago

yeah i have the highest speed broadband available in my area and it takes me about 3 hours to download a movie.

im not saying in the usa or state im meaning the country i live in scott county tn broadband speeds are crappy here we need a better service

UnSelf4850d ago

reason number 38 im moving to Japan

zo6_lover274850d ago (Edited 4850d ago )

What are the other 37 reasons?

I'll guess one of them, no fat chicks? ;)

midgetsanx4850d ago

Its Fish Heaven in Japan. xD

UnSelf4850d ago

1. Personal love for Eastern culture
2. Where Japanese animation studios are prevelant
3. DBZ aficianado
4. Fav language
5. Love their food
6. BUllet trains
7. kooky shows
8. bombed the US
9. took an atom bomb
10. took another
11. Kojimas from there
37. no fat chicks
38. Fastest internet speed in the world

Will_Smith4850d ago

wow Bubbles is a huge Weaboo... i love every culture on earth for different reasons, but to go as far and say "8. bombed the US" is pretty ignorant when they took the worlds only atom bomb up the a$$

to love a culture is one thing, but this kid goes as far as to think its better this his own... sad


UnSelf4850d ago

hey will smith, 1st: calm down and 2ndly read CAREFULLY:

im giving Japan points for TAKING a bomb and surviving it and still had pride enough to admit defeat and establish a well bonded friendship wit the US still to dis day.

3rdly: Who said i LOVE Japan more than anywhere for that matter? i simply stated why i want to live their. Calm down u overzealous patriotic movie star n4g user....its jus a site

Will_Smith4850d ago

what exactly does "taking a bomb and surviving it" mean?? it was a war, they had no choice but to survive it... by surrendering of course.

i realize this is N4G, but im allowed my rebuttals right.

strotee4850d ago

Japan took 2 atom bombs: Hiroshima & Nagasaki

morganfell4850d ago

Will, you need to loosen the belt and tie. It is affecting your ability to have a sense of humor.

shysun4849d ago (Edited 4849d ago )

Will Smith, I think you have a big stick where the sun doesn't shine....maybe you should pull it out! ;)

Syronicus4849d ago

If you think it was the atom bomb that persuaded the Japanese to stop fighting then you need to study up a bit more on the war. Imagine their emperor as being seen as a god and that a full surrender would be surrendering over their god to a pagan country... Until the terms of surrender took out the full surrender of their "god", the war was not at an end.

Anywho, saying you like a country for bombing another is pretty sad. Bombing any country for that matter is bad if it in fact results in the deaths of innocent lives. Saying you approve of this is sad.

JsonHenry4849d ago

Yeah, our service sucks compared to smaller countries. But I doubt they would be at the speeds they are at if they had to run the millions of extra miles of lines for a country the size of the USA.

I can only hope that one day soon we will catch up though. I have an 8meg line and it is the highest available in my area.

Si-Pie4849d ago (Edited 4849d ago )

Well I thought we had it slow here in the uk.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R4849d ago (Edited 4849d ago )

That's BS for Canada, right now and at any given time I'm at 100Mbps not 7Mbps, guess it depends how much you wanna spend. Full movies take me about an hour and 5gigs take about 7hours. I dont get it..

Blood_Spiller4849d ago

Your internal network may be 100MBps but I can guarantee you that your connection to the world isn't at that, you more or less confirmed my belief when you said it takes you 7 hours to download a mere 5GB.

CommonSense4844d ago (Edited 4844d ago )

this group of comments has drifted way off track. so i'll put it back on.

The US and some of western europe have much older infrastructures. we based ours on copper. that's how we pulled ahead of so many other countries for so many years. unfortunately, when they decided to get caught up, they built their infrastructures using fiber optics because the technology was available.

assuming this country's economy doesn't completely collapse in the next decade, we'll see more and more cities slowly rebuilding their infrastructure with fiber optics. but since the country is so big, it is going to be a very slow process.

and just to drift off topic, or in this case back on topic. i think everyone is misunderstanding what 'will smith' said. and i think this bubbles guy forgot his own words. he said his number 8 reason for wanting to move to japan is that they bombed the US NOT because we bombed them. that was 9 and 10. and i'll always say the use of nuclear weapons is WRONG. but they did attack us first and for you to say that's a reason you want to move there does sound just a li'l off. do you hate the US so much that you think they deserved to be bombed during a time when the american people wanted nothing to do with war? I'm not at all happy with the direction this country is taking, the government is as corrupt or more corrupt than ever. but to say you like a country because they killed innocent people...not to mention those innocent people were your countrymen. i'm just at a loss for words that a person can say this and then so many people are defending him. i think a lot of people need to get over this man-made, political border crap. these are just countries, we're all still people. i admire a lot of other cultures, and i think it's great that this guy does too; but the attitude just seems wrong. appreciate them for the great things they've accomplished, not cuz they bombed us.

if you read all this, thank you. if you do or don't like what i have to say, feel free to PM me and we can talk about it.

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poindat4850d ago (Edited 4850d ago )

Holy sh*t, and I thought I had a fast connection. Damn, a movie in two minutes? If one of my friends told me that I wouldn't have believed them because I didn't think it was possible.

Why should we have to pay the same price as Japanese or Korean users when their speeds are over 16x faster than ours?

thewhoopimen4849d ago

The US is so behind its not even funny. South Korea had 20mbit connections 8 years ago.

zagibu4849d ago

You don't have to pay them, but as long as you do, why should they change anything? Paying customers means happy customers in economy.

kinggeoff4849d ago

exactly why the economy is booming worldwide right?

bootsielon4850d ago

It is 1 Gbps for about 60 bucks a month.

TheIneffableBob4850d ago

The problem is the size of the country and how spread out people are. It's difficult to lay down a fast infrastructure across the United States compared to, say, Japan. Japan's people are coupled close together, making it easy to wire everybody up to the Internet with ridiculously fast speeds.

UnSelf4850d ago (Edited 4850d ago )

ill have to disagree wit that but i wont click the disagree button. I dont think it has anything to do wit how coupled together the ppl in Japan are.

What may make more sense perhaps is the sheer number of ppl in our country using internet when compared to Japans.

US= about 200 million ppl using internet

Japans= about a fraction of that

zo6_lover274850d ago (Edited 4850d ago )

Japan has a population of about 130 million people, so its not much less than the US, which is about 300 million people.

Also, anybody know the speeds for China? If what your saying is true, with a population of 1.3 billion people, China would have the slowest internet in the world.


I just found out that Japan has the third largest population of broadband/fast access internet users, behind US in second and China in First.

BTW, so much for your name Bubbles. :D

UnSelf4850d ago

thats a good point. Found out so my theory can be rectified.

:( what happened to my 6th bubble?

Lyan4850d ago (Edited 4850d ago )

It has more to do with optical connections to residence AND networking than it does size of the country. Yes it is easier to lay new infrastructure in a smaller area like Japan or Korea, but the real difference is in the fact that most if not all households with broadband connections have optical connections directly to their house in those countries. The US optical network is huge and is already in place within many major hubs and even to most hubs that connect a community or suburban area, but that is where it stops. Cable companies are lobbying for significant tax breaks and funding to get the government to pay for creating household optical networks. Why pay for it themselves when they can get someone else to front the bill and make money off of them. Kinda ridiculous.

The bottle neck is more due to outdated networking connection hardware connected to individual households.

lsujester4850d ago

True. As long as companies can make money without doing any actual work, things will never change. So if the government has to give them money so that they won't actually have to pay for that work, then I guess that's how it has to be. Makes me love free enterprise, that does.

Also brings up the whole "DD is the future!" rhetoric that has been floating around. Good looking moving to DD for everything when a huge portion of your user base suffers from crappy download speeds.

Bnet3434850d ago

Japan is like the size of California, of course they have faster speeds.

FFXNo14849d ago

HAHAHHAHAHAHAhahahahah, that was funny. Have you ever heard of something called, "optic fiber"????? The amount of information that can travel to optic fiber is amazing. I don't remember if it's do to the low band gap of the material (can someone correct me if i'm wrong).

Gam714849d ago

Then shouldn't california have similar speeds as japan?

the size of a country shouldn't hinder it. It's not like the entire country is getting all its internet from one lonely server?

on a side note, where did the uk come in this.

TheIneffableBob4849d ago

The difference is that the population in Japan is very dense and coupled together. A large majority of the people live in the major metropolitan areas, whereas people in California are spread out all over the state.

Gam714848d ago

I understand that not a of california should get top speeds but some parts should.

Isn't hollywood there? (i hope it is and not L.A.) The main buisness and residential areas of a place like california should be getting a top or at least above average service.

For instance i live in a run down coastal, dying a cancerous death due to it's local inbred population (had to move here, hate the sodding place) and I get 15Mb for a tenner.
My friend lives out in the sticks near London and just got 2Mb for £20.
Certain parts should be beating the national average.

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