Voice of Prince in PoP: Sands of Time/Two Thrones Needs Your Help

"Yuri Lowenthal is a man that most (if not all) gamers have heard in their games, but if you mentioned his name you would likely get a blank stare. He has been in many games, as well as anime and live-action film. He's had small roles on such shows as Alias and Gilmore Girls and big roles on such shows as Naruto and Afro Samurai.

His most famous role, however, was as the Prince in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. The fans loved his work on the game and missed his presence in sequel Warrior Within, but with the support of his fans he was able to be recast as the Prince in the third game, Two Thrones. Years later he needs our help once again and after talking with him I would gladly do all that I can.

Many of you will undoubtedly know that there is a film adaptation of Sands of Time starring Jake Gyllenhaal. What you do not know is that Yuri has been trying to get a small role, or even a cameo in the film, but has had no luck as of yet. It may be too late to help, but that doesn't mean we (the gaming community) shouldn't at least try. I am asking that you post on forums, send a letter (or email) to the studio, or sign the petition that I started. Anything is better than nothing and this man deserves all the support in the world."

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sak5003712d ago

LOL now i will be laughing if i ever play POP sands of time again thinking this nerd was behind the voice.

Dark General3712d ago

I loath this guys role as sasuke. Not that he does a bad job (he does a great job) but that's the point. Sasuke is a d*** and the voice i associate him with the most. He does do alot of other anime roles (and i do mean alot) but i hate that got damn sasuke voice. Did amazing work in PoP.

tamd3712d ago

his voice sux only warrior within was good

LeShin3712d ago

You.Have.Gotta.Be.Kidding.Me!! !!!!!!

You LIKED the warrior within voice?!!!!!! I don't remember seeing a review that didn't diss that voice that was used for that game. It was atrocious, compared to the sophisticated voice in POP1.

NegativeCreep4273712d ago

but this guy certainly has a very impressive resume to present. I wonder if he has ever done any voice work for any of the Metal Gear Solid games (Imagine him as the voice of The Pain or The Sorrow in MGS3 or something. That would be cool).

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The story is too old to be commented.