MGS 4 too allow on-line gun Mod Trading And Huge Variations Possible

Hideo Kojima revealed that Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PS3 may well allow for gun mod trading on-line or via other connected means. Kojima also said we'd all be surprised by the huge variations possible. In the same interview, Kojima commented that they did not cut down on the cut scenes as the emotional feeling may go out of the window.

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AudioRage5244d ago

a good post from juevani, seems pretty interesting, kojima and his team always seem to have some good ideas, like the recruitment on metal gear solid ops is pretty clever and this seems to be also. Really would love to see this game come to 360, its the only one problem i saw in purchasing my xbox was losing metal gear, mind you i wasnt overly keen on snakeater at all

power of Green 5244d ago

It's just so dam ugly i can't get past the look of it.

calderra5244d ago

The character models look pretty good, it's just that the environs seen so far look so bland...

DC RID3R5244d ago

a walking stick will be available as a d/l weapon?

snake SURE is looking shaky these days.hehey

must be all that mono-atomic gold he's using!

"Happy-Holidays" is what i said to the motherf*cker, right before i took his head clean off with teh pistol.

DJ5244d ago

So I'm sure this title will be even more impressive. The ability to trade modded guns online would kick ass. Personally, I'd love to see an included online battle/massive co-op mode for this game.

CAPS LOCK5244d ago

i really don't understand why people would vote this news as lame, i mean how can it be lame? could someone who voted lame plz explain?

oh yea and how is the playstation network going guys? i really would like to know if it crashes during online play and do u think 1.5meg internet is good enough to play resitance without lagging?

DJ5244d ago

Resistance has no lag...ever. Apparently they built the online portion of the game with artificially high latency settings, and thus solved potential latency issues with people who have weak broadband connections.

You got a hell of a connection speed, so you'll be fine.

Shadow Flare5244d ago

Sorry CAPS LOCK, this isn't an answer to your question but i had to put in my dues for Snake Eater because coincidently i recently started playing it again, and i forgot how intense that game is! I used to picture it as one of the less memorable MGS's but damn, like when your hid in the grass with the tiger stripe camoflauge trying to blend into the surroundings and a guard walks past and your thinking "Please don't spot me" and then he does and your like "OH SH*T!" and the fight scenes get intense man. I love the music too, its so dramatic when in alert mode and the caution mode music is awesome too. Snake Eater has everything man from the seriously taking your slow time figuring out what the guards are doing and trying to sneak past to the fast pace fights in the forest its most mental

Every metal gear has got better with every game and my impressions of MGS4 look like its gonna be awesome. The 15 min trailer alone tells me that with the mini rex's and the atmosphere, it looks great

TheXgamerLive5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )

Even the online live demo I watched, (couldn't play as to many people watched), but it was filled with lag, every few minutes. There was some solid play, but lag was very present. But what was even more sad to me b/c lag isn't really a big deal was the graphical gameplay. Once I saw a character walk right through another one up close, the kind of way you'd see happen in a ps2 type of game. Everyone started to talk outloud when that happened, some laughed some were pissed, but that's the way that ball is going to bounce I guess.

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TheXgamerLive5244d ago

Then you'll all have a great game. I highly doubt they will as past actual game play has been overwhelmingly disappointing, but we'll see. I mean they've been working for almost 3 yrs. on this title so if it doesn't produce as the CGI shows, then the ps3 and Konami and especially Kojima will lose face. Badly, worldwide.

DJ5244d ago

As in, the system is producing it on the fly. Kojima-san did live fly-throughs and environmental changes for audiences to prove that none of it was pre-rendered. Even the famous E3 06 trailer had little hints of slowdown when there was full-on destruction and mayhem going on.

The reason he hates to use CG is because he prefers to be able to change all aspects of the cinemas instead of waiting for computers to render it out. It's all about having more control. That, and it gives bragging rights when showcasing the power of the Playstation 2 and (now) 3.

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