New Xbox One Backward Compatibility Titles Are Now Available

Major Nelson:
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings will be available to download for free on Xbox 360 until February 5.

To date, millions of Xbox gamers around the world have logged more than 21 million hours playing Xbox One Backward Compatibility games – and today we’re adding a few more to the list.


Credit url added with the complete list of backward compatibility. (130 titles)

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NeoGamer2321001d ago

Looking forward to playing Counter Strike GO and Witcher 2!

Was hoping for more titles though. Hopefully, publishers are just testing to make sure titles work then are going to approve a bunch!

Septic1001d ago

Oh snap CS: GO! Nice! And Witcher 2. Well I'm playing Witcher 3 atm but will go back to 2 eventually.

never4get1000d ago

What's wrong X1 cpu emulation draw call?! Ain't Draw Call the pinnacle of DX12?

1000d ago
magiciandude1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

Wow loving the 360 BC on Xbox One and really loving all this amazing variety the Xbox One is getting. Xbox One has the far superior selection of games in both variety AND top notch quality. Microsoft's support for gamers is truly unmatched! Can't wait to play Counter Strike and Witcher 2 on the best console this generation. :D

Unreal011000d ago

Lol. Please stop. My god.

magiciandude1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

Xbox One is the only console of two main competing consoles that have classic Sonic (or any Sonic game at all), Borderlands 1, Fallout 3, Mass Effect 1, Assassin's Creed II, Witcher 2, Deus Ex, Counter Strike GO, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Mirror's Edge, Just Cause 2, Rayman 3 HD, etc. etc. etc.

The variety is unmatched on the Xbox One. This is the power of backward compatibility. The power of Microsoft's unmatched support for their fans. The power of the X!

Highlife1000d ago Show
Monster_Tard1000d ago

I don't know about "unmatched", the Wii U does BC better. It's great to have some BC on the X1 though.

gangsta_red1000d ago

I really do hope they continue to give out more 360 titles for the Xbox One. I love it too, it's always a surprise to go to the games and app section and see a new list of games pop up that are ready to DL.


All I'm reading from the replies are, "Stop praising the Xbox One!".

I wonder if the praise and victory marches I read in every sales article would be considered embarrassing too?

kraenk121000d ago

Oh my god I'm crying..are you for real?!

LastcenuryRob1000d ago

Watch out magicandude...PS4 players don't have much to play so they look for X1 articles to troll on.

SUCKxITxEZ1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

@monster_tard sure the wiiu can play more games from its precursor, but there's not even half the amount of games on Wii worth playing compared to the 360 bc list. I know, I've owned them all and still own a wiiu and one. But if your talking about the way its handled, yes running games on the old hardware is always better than software emulation, but it's harder to shove a 360 into a one than it is a crappy wii into a wiiu.

Monster_Tard1000d ago

I meant it does it better by allowing you to play all games from it's predecessor instead of only a fraction of them and I agree it probably was easier for Nintendo to get Wii games to play on the Wii U, both Wii & Wii U use PowerPC, while the 360 & X1 don't share the same architecture.

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showtimefolks1000d ago


while i respect your opinion what about those of us who have no interest in playing last gen games. This is what i really don't get, towards the end of last gen we all wanted ps4 and next xbox right? now wait for it

reasoning being the games weren't pushed as much and we needed better looking games

so now why all of the sudden those last gen games are so appealing once more?

here is the actual reason without any sugarcoating or fanboy crap:

it's because xbox one has BC and ps4 doesn't. if both consoles had it this feature would not meaning as much or at all

whenever a game or feature is exclusive to one console, it becomes the best thing ever

Pogmathoin1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

Oh please guys, if this was Sony, you lot would be acting worse..... Get over it. MS nailed this part...

Embarrassing is watching you defend Sony making you pay over and over again for the games you own...

1000d ago
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3-4-51000d ago

Nice! Age of Booty was awesome. Can't wait to play it again online.

nogoodusernamesleft1000d ago

counter strike go bc on xbox one!?!?!? xbox one gets the love. witcher 2 is on this list too. loving this update keep up the amazing work ms

ShottyatLaw1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

Publishers may be waiting for the unified storefront, too.

It's great for titles we already own. Publishers may be more enticed with seeing digital versions of these 360 titles available for purchase to new buyers right there on the X1 store. I think places like Gamestop are benefiting the most from BC right now.

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cfc831001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

Apart from Witcher, the list isn't up to much. Infact i don't even know many of those titles.

Christopher1000d ago

How can you not know Space Giraffe! It's the arcade version of The Last of Us! I can't even... /s

cfc831000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

I just youtubed that game. It must be for people on acid. Now we totally know what you have done some weekends.

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annoyedgamer1000d ago

Im still waiting for Black Ops. This is ridiculous. Nice to see The Witcher 2 for free though.

KiwiViper851000d ago

Not in my neck of the woods. Sad face

conanlifts1000d ago

Yeah the games i have been waiting for since day 1 are the bioshock ones. Hopefully next month.

KilKarazy1000d ago

I can say with about 95% certainty that Activision probably gave them the okay to do it on the condition they wouldn't release it within a certain window to avoid hurting BLOPS 3 sales. I think the earliest we will see it is march.

Khaotic1000d ago

Call activision and complain cause its their decision.

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Zarock1001d ago

Where Is Red Dead Redemption and Nier!?

roostermoans1001d ago

Rockstar have refused to let them use their games for backwards compatibility. Hopefully this means we'll get remasters instead? Hope hope.

1001d ago
Trekster_Gamer1000d ago

F Rockstar! I bought Red Dead Redemption I loved it on the 360 and I should be able to play the game on my xbox one!!

rainslacker1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

They haven't officially commented on if they'll support it or not have they? They just don't have support now.

There are a couple likely scenarios why they wouldn't, although they're speculative.

1. They prefer Sony's model of being able to re-release the game and resell it. Since people who still own the games are likely to still want to play it, it simply bolsters potential sales, instead of removing those potential sales from the people who are most likely to want to play them.

2. There are a lot of licensing issues with content in the game(most likely soundtrack) which have to be ironed out for allowing the content to be played on different hardware through an emulator. Rockstar, or rather their publisher Take-Two, may be able to get this available on PS4 because it's a new revenue stream, whereas on the X1, it's not as compelling to the original content holders.

For the 2nd one, this is true of most games which use licensed content in their game, as those licenses typically only allow for release on certain formats, and both MS emulation and Sony's remastered upgrades are basically new licensed releases. X1's solution simply gives the license away for free to those who own the physical copy or digital version, which some content holders aren't on board with.

Basically, licensing 3rd party content(stuff purchased for use within the game from places like music studios) can be a real b*tch as they're pretty protective of their content and want to be paid. Not to mention, it typically costs money to make the new license for the emulated versions.

Then of course, there is the possibility that they simply don't want to support MS solution for whatever reason.

KiwiViper851000d ago

They haven't refused... They just haven't said yes yet

dkp231000d ago

so you want to buy the same game?

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gangsta_red1000d ago

MS is more than likely saving the big titles for special events.

XanderZane1000d ago

That' probably more the case, especially if Rockstar is going to announce RDR2 at the E3. I wonder if Phil is willing to wear a temporary tatoo? Hhhmm...

roostermoans1001d ago

Probably more chance of EA adding it to EA Access so they can charge you for it, rather than letting you play your old copy for free via back compat.

ShadowKnight1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

You might be right. But I hope not.I feel the same way about Red Dead Redemption. Rock* will probably remaster that game so they can make more profit.

1000d ago
ScorpiusX1000d ago

The 5.00 dollars or 30.00 for the year is a lot better than the 15.00 price per game others are charging to play games from 2 gens ago .

roostermoans1000d ago


I wasn't complaining, merely commenting. I'm not a fanboy either. I have a ps4, ps3, vita, Psp, xbone, 360, original first xbox, gamecube, ds, and pc. So I guess I'm a fanboy of all formats.
On the money side? Most other companies are letting you play 360 games you've already paid for on the xbone - why can't EA? Cause they wanna make more money, that's why.
As for whether or not I wanna shell out for the same game again? No I don't. I don't have a problem paying for remasters though. Given the choice of playing the 360 version of Red Dead on xbone, or paying full price for a remaster? Option 2 hands down.
So chill out there, Mr Jumping To Conclusions.

1000d ago
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ScorpiusX1000d ago

EA has stated that they are working on bring all Xbox 360 games to the EA access Vault on Xbox one, they just having stated when it will be available.

user99502791001d ago

Counter Strike GO? friggen awesome. WAs hoping for native Xbox One support, but this will do nicely.