Funcom's next MMO - The Secret World - shown in first shots writes: The upcoming "The Secret World," which is Funcom next big online role-playing game, was presented in the short forms.

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metalhead5397d ago

how about they fix Conans problems before moving to a new game

CardboardGun5397d ago

But the AoC team is a completely different one than the people working on The Secret World. AoC will continue to be tweaked and spit-shined in the coming future, even though they will start to ramp up the production and staff count on TSW as they are getting closer to release.

NewSchoolGamer5397d ago

zombie mmo? if Yes then they stole my idea,lol.

Baka-akaB5397d ago

I wonder if that one too will get praised by a press that didnt play the game properly , and never found out about some gnastly major flaws and issues .

It's awesome really ... the staff from AOC is on vacation while insanely behind schedule and now funcom can even manage to launch other games .

lodossrage5397d ago

Their stock already fell over 60% after Age of Conan's release. Not to mention players are leaving that game left and right.

It's not a good idea to run to a new project and just abandon a previous project like that.

But that's just my opinion

enjoi1875397d ago

i love me some fat zombie

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