Nintendo Staggers in the Right Direction

Nintendo continues its trend of being the craziest game company out there with its leap into online communication. Other companies played it safe by handing out the tried-and-true headsets to their hoards of online participants, but Nintendo took its time. When your products are printing money, what's the rush?

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TruthbeTold3741d ago

That online gaming, vocal communication is possible on the Wii, and that I'll be waiting for another company to work their way around the walls and curves to create a functioning head-set. I'm not buying that thing, and there's no way I'm buying that gimped out Game Cube-esque Animal crossing game. Unfortunately, staggering is the correct term... Nintendo is so out of touch with, or indifferent to what I want as a gamer that it's saddening, and near maddening.

M_Prime3741d ago

i like the idea.. I have a headset for my PC and i always wear it since i have no PC speakers.. but to be honest.. after a bit it starts to annoy/hurt me.. basically i feel relieved to take it off.. and its not an el cheapo one either..

as long as this works okay at picking up the voices then its all good..

and even with the headset people can hear your mom yelling at you about peeing the bed.. thats why you have to press a button to talk in most games.. if its on then it doesn't matter if its a headset of wiispeak, everyone will know you wet the bed.. still.. when your 20.. what a loser..

games4fun3741d ago

"leap into online communication."

i call it falling down a hole they seemed to be avoiding the whole time

if there is one complaint you hear more than the graphics complaint its the online complaint

nobodycares3741d ago

I say you cant knock it until you try it.

--Onilink--3741d ago

what does animal crossing have to do with wii speak???

Actually i like the idea, sometimes headsets are uncomfortable after a while, and as some1 else said, u can still hear everything on the background.

So as long as it has good noise filtering so we dont listen to in-game music, and i dont have to shout for people to hear me, i prefer nintendo's idea, tough i wouldnt call it an online inovation, its simply a speakerphone for online play

madjedi3741d ago

I would be amazed if it has any noise filtering whatsoever, just release a headset and be done with it. Wii speak is retarded, i am sure you will hear every little noise in the room, in game music, the echo from other peoples wii speak ect..

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