They said it was unbreakable...Anyway this was done with a XBOX 360 external HDDVD usb drive. It's version 0.99 now. a much better Version 1.00 coming January 2nd.

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romaink5246d ago

didn't mean to vote lame.
I think this is going to sell alot more of those HD DVD drives. I've been trying to get one for the last month but they're already sold out everywhere.

Tut5246d ago

Not trying to dis or flame or whatever but if you live close to Bend, Oregon or know anyone who lives in the area there are at least 10 HD-DVD drives at every store that carries them here. Shouldn't have a problem picking one up.

power of Green 5246d ago

You're lucky you can find it so easy.

power of Green 5246d ago (Edited 5246d ago )

This before i looked at who submitted the story. All this guy does is post bad news for the 360. lol That's it i'm dogging up negative news for the PS3 for now on.

bung tickler5246d ago

this isnt bad news though... AACS is used by both HD formats the hole is found in that the keys for the movies are stored to memory while the movie is played the making it easy to bypass just read the keys and you are set to go. this is something to be happy about... you know sticking it to the man that tries to fvck the people that acctually buy the HD-DVD and Blu-ray content and then cant use it they way the want. for example my 50" sammy DLP set doesnt have an HDMI port (it does have a compliant DVI port though) and i'll be damned if i am gonna go out and buy a new set just becuase they enable ICT. AS A CONSUMER THAT BUYS, NOT STEALS, MOVIES, I THINK THIS IS GREAT.

bung tickler5246d ago

hmm i knew it wouldnt be long before AACS was cracked, as soon as PC people get thier hands on this kinda stuff it never takes long to work around it. Oh and by the way Blu-ray uses the same AACS crap the HD-DVD does. So if true this is equally good for everyone.

romaink5246d ago

Has anyone on here tried the file yet?

MicroGamer5246d ago (Edited 5246d ago )

Blu Ray uses the same protection, so that means Blu Ray movies are in danger, too. Hmmm.... I just found this and I think it's interesting.

Scroll to the AACS section and it says that the makers of AACS can revoke keys and make them unusable on new content. The keys are attached to the hardware, so if you hack keys for the MS HD-DVD drive and they get revoked, then new movies won't work for ANY MS HD-DVD player anymore because we all have the same keys. Now, I think maybe they are not allowed to do this because they are punishing innocent people for the device they own, and not because they did anything wrong. Eventually every model of hi-def movie player will be cracked and the codes made public. What are they going to do? Revoke every key and brick millions of players for the actions of a few?? I think they better be prepared for some lawsuits over this one.

MicroGamer5246d ago (Edited 5246d ago )

Here is the relevant section to the article that I linked above:

AACS relies on the well-established AES (with 128-bit keys) to safeguard the disc data. Just like DVD players, HD DVD and Blu-ray drives will come with a set of Device Keys handed out to the manufacturers by AACS LA. Unlike the CSS encryption used in DVDs, though, AACS has a built-in method for revoking sets of keys that are cracked and made public. AACS-encrypted discs will feature a Media Key Block that all players need to access in order to get the key needed to decrypt the video files on the disc. The MKB can be updated by AACS LA to prevent certain sets of Device Keys from functioning with future titles—a feature that AACS dubs "revocation."

This decision certainly makes it harder for manufacturers to design insecure devices or to purposely allow consumer workarounds (which was common for DVD region coding). Now, companies who do such things could potentially find their players unable to access new titles, something sure to infuriate buyers. As AACS drily notes, a device maker had better "treat its Device Keys as highly confidential, as defined in the license agreement."

So I can pretty much destroy the PS3 and Blu Ray simply by finding out the codes on every Blu Ray device and making them public, then they will be revoked and new releases won't play on them and a lot of owners and content providers are going to be very unhappy.

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